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CSU celebrates 75th anniversary

Nagaland News

Dimapur, December 22: Chizami Students’ Union (CSU) celebrated its 75th anniversary on December 21, informed a press release. CSU was established in 1946 by Goyiepra Kenye, the first graduate among the Chakhesangs.
The celebration was held on the theme, ‘Educate, Empower, Inspire’, and started off with the unveiling of the union flag and anniversary plaque.
The presidential address was delivered by Wetshete Thopi, who emphasised on the need to maintain a balance between modern education and traditional knowledge systems “so that we do not lost out completely on the indigenous values”.
For this, he urged the gathering to revive and relearn the age-old traditional values handed down by foreparents alongside the modern education.
The speaker for the event was KG Kenye, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. Kenye is also the son of Late Goyiepra Kenye.
The speaker in his speech shared about how the community do not live in isolation but as an integral part of the greater Naga family “which are closely knitted together as belonging to the same ethnic stock”.
“On the whole, the Chakhesang community is marching ahead progressively and decisively which is highly commendable and holds a promising future for our prosperity for which we praise the Almighty God whose invisible hands have guided us since inception”, he said.
However the speaker also lamented how “the high moral standards of uprightness, clarity and honesty, the valour and gallantry attributed to us are all of the past and they are not visible in our characters anymore.”
A Knowledge Fair was also conducted as part of the anniversary celebration; it was an interactive face-to-face knowledge sharing platform.
It was followed by Extravaganza Night where fun activities were showcased. ZT Slingshot made a special appearance during the show.
Various participants along with the Jubilee Choir sang the song “We Are the World” as the celebration came to a close.
The event was a success due to the collective effort of every individual. The event was plastic-free, and all of the presents given out were organic, it stated.
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