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CSOs & tribal Hohos deliberate on issues confronting Nagaland

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 21: Around a hundred participants representing 27 civil society organizations and tribal councils of Nagaland on Tuesday gathered at the conference hall of Hotel Saramati, Dimapur, with the intent to understand what the civil society organizations and tribal councils want at a time when politicians, both in power and out of power, are making attention-grabbing statements, with election around the corner, and, like other similar times, the Naga political settlement has taken the centre stage.
The meeting, spearheaded by Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF), which went on for more than 5 hours witnessed leaders representing different organizations making statements from claiming that the 2015’s Framework Agreement was signed without the mandate of the people, to how non-Nagas are in nexus with the UGs, with once in a while the attendants breaking into applause.
Deliberating on the meeting’s agenda, NGBF President Sahleem Konyak stated that the meeting was called to make a clear choice on how the Nagas will live in the future by adopting a resolution on whether or not to accept the anticipated solution.
Nagas of Nagaland in NSCN (IM) have no clue what’s happening
Former bureaucrat KK Sema, speaking on the occasion, stated that the Nagas of Nagaland associated with NSCN (IM) have no clue about what is happening in the group whose top brass, the decision makers, comprises of Tangkhuls and the words of Muivah are revered as laws.
Coming down heavily on the two Competency Clauses made public, Sema alleged that in the Naga nation, which proposes to replace the State of Nagaland, Nagas of Nagaland cannot survive as the Pan Naga Hoho will exercise control upon the upper house, and the Nagas of Manipur will become the citizens of the Naga nation despite no integration of lands and added that while they will continue to enjoy their status in Manipur, they will also gain rights in the Naga nation.
Questioning the intentions of NSCN (IM) behind keeping the competencies of the Framework Agreement a secret, he said that the group cannot decide the fate of the Nagas without first discussing with the Nagas, and if it doesn’t want to show all the clauses, assuming people to be fools who cannot understand the details, the group can take all the clauses with them to Manipur and implement them there in the Manipur’s Territorial Council and not in Nagaland.
Without integration, he claimed, flag and constitution hold no significance, and added that NSCN (IM)’s Yehzabo (Constitution) is communism, and if it is implemented, the government will control all the lands and public property.
He claimed that NSCN (IM) and Government of India are on different pages on the issue of ‘shared sovereignty’, and NSCN (IM) claim about sovereignty appears somewhat absolute and yet it continues to seek permission for flag and constitution from GoI. He added that the issue of flag and constitution rather came after signing the Framework Agreement.
On the occasion, he also advocated the need of a common platform like Naga Hoho to allow everyone to speak in one voice, stating that the presence of too many organizations has confused the Naga voice and some tribes need to take the responsibility.
Integration of Nagas destructive
Z Lohe, former NLA Speaker, sharing similar concerns as Sema, said that the fruits of Nagaland are meant for Nagas of Nagaland and if others are allowed to take the fruits from Nagaland, Nagas of Nagaland will remain starved.
Mentioning the United Naga Council’s resolution to not pursue early Naga solution, he said that the GoI is firm on its decision about no integrations of Naga-inhabited lands and the Nagas of Manipur feel that no solution is better for them and there is nothing wrong about it. He, however, added that Nagas of Nagaland should also have the authority to adopt what is better for them.
He called the integration of Nagas destructive, citing that the experiment has been conducted in the lab of Nagaland, and quipped that there is no point in having a separate flag without integration first. He alleged that Muivah has failed to commend all Nagas and is working for the people of Manipur and UNC, Muivah and his supporters in the name of flag and constitution is delaying the solution.
In his speech he also attacked organizations like NSF and NMA for acting like the spokespersons of NSCN (IM) and cited the need of sending a strong voice to Delhi and Naga political negotiators calling for the solution before election.
Resolutions should come with ultimatums
Former ENPO President Kekongchim Yimchunger suggested in his speech that that from now on, there should be ultimatums associated with resolutions as it has been years since Nagas are talking about early solution and instead of closed-door meetings, he called for public referendum, as submitting resolutions are not working.
He asked the NSCN (IM) and NNPGs to reveal all the contents within a limited time if they claim to represent the public, and if they cannot, they should not expect any cooperation from people. He said that the children of the very leaders of these groups, who are voicing for sovereignty, seek government jobs and government contracts.
He asked the people to decide if they want to live under dictatorship or independent in their own ways, and further proposed that if by August 15 the solution don’t arrive, people should think of not paying any taxes to any NNPGs.
Yehzabo not needed, RIIN be implemented
Representatives of different organizations, which included Angami Public Organisation, Ao Senden, Sumi Hoho, Konyak Union, Lotha Hoho, Phom People’s Council, Garo Public Organization, Kachari Public Organization, NTC, JCPI, CNCCI, Western Sumi Hoho and CNTC among others, on the occasion shared their suggestions and proposed different measures.
While the Lotha Hoho representative outrightly rejected the proposed Pan Naga Hoho in Nagaland, Ao Senden Telongjem Dimapur representative cited that there is no need of incorporating Yehzabo into the Constitution as Article 371 (A) suffice the purpose and it is meant to keep control over the troops by the NSCN (IM) and not apt for the public.
Representatives of JCPI alleged that while Nagas are talking about Naga national movement, the Nagas of Manipur have reduced it to a tribal movement. They suggested that RIIN should be enforced, elections without solution should be stopped and suggested the formation of a committee to represent the people with full mandate.
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NGBF-initiated consultative meet resolves

DIMAPUR, JUNE 21: A consultative meeting on Naga political issue initiated and organized by Nagaland Gaonbura Federation (NGBF) today resolved that the Nagas of Nagaland shall stand as one entity and shall collectively react to any discriminative action meted out to any individual or community by any element in self-defense.
The meeting held at Dimapur today also unanimously resolved to press the Government of India and the two Naga negotiating groups to conclude the ongoing negotiations on the basis of the understanding that was reached between GoI and the Naga negotiators on October 31, 2019.
The meeting also resolved to stage a public rally and other follow-up actions.
It also resolved to constitute an action committee under the nomenclature of Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) to carry out the voice of the people till we get the desired result. The house resolved to ask the apex tribal hohos to officially delegate one representative each to be a member of the committee. The committee is led by convener – Theja Therie, co-conveners – Shikuto Zalipu, Kekongchem and Imsumongba, secretary – Khondao Ngullie, finance secretary – Dr. Seyievilie Mor and representative of Naga Council Dimapur.
A NGBF release informed that the sole purpose of the meeting was to decide collectively what we can practically contribute for the cause of the long-standing Naga political issue and also to reassess what is left of our future political scenario. All civil society organizations, tribal bodies, public leaders and intellectuals participated in the meeting, it informed.
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