Monday, June 14, 2021

CSF webinar stresses on quality education in Naga society

Nagaland News

Kohima, May 23: Scholars should come out with ideas to impart quality education to students in Naga society, said Professor Neivetso Venuh while pointing at the lack of quality education today.
Speaking during a webinar organized by the Chakhesang Scholars’ Forum (CSF) on “Roles of scholars towards the society” yesterday, Prof Venuh of the Department of History and Archaeology in Nagaland University, was of the view that there is no value (education) at all in the Naga society.

Saying that students are getting more degrees but without value which is creating more problems in the society, he said if a student has a degree but does not have quality education, they’ll not be able to survive.
Science and technological advancement make people’s lives easier but it has also become artificial, he said, adding that there is a lack of original ideas among students as they depend on the internet for their assignments or projects.
As scholars, Venuh said they have to seriously ponder on this issue and think of a way to provide value education to young children.
He also challenged scholars to analyze and conduct research studies on issues relating to social structure, political and economic aspects in the society and contribute their ideas to solving the problems. “It is the scholars who can transform society by giving valuable ideas as is the case in the history of any nation,” he said.
Member of CSF Constitution Drafting Committee, Colo Mero spoke on various aspects of education such as practical, quality and education for employment. He was of the opinion that the best of minds must become teachers in institutions, including schools, colleges, universities and churches as the profession directly and regularly builds and nurtures all other professions.
Scholars therefore have a vital role in building the society, he said. Educated people must give back to society– through noble services, ministry, contributions and sharing of resources, he said calling upon CSF members to take the lead.
Chairman of CSF, Dr Zavise Rume in his keynote address spoke on becoming more resourceful with the presence of many scholars working or pursuing studies in various universities, colleges and institutions across the country.
He informed that CSF was therefore formed and installed its first office bearers on May 29, 2021, to promote healthy and regular interaction on multiple academic disciplines.
Chakhesang is being identified as one of the most potential areas for research in various areas like Village Development Board (VDB), Communitisation policy, terraced farming, entrepreneurship, indigenous medicines, cultural practices, folklores and folktales, indigenous food, Rume said while calling upon scholars to rise up to protect the intellectual properties rights.
The CSF in its virtual meet has constituted a Constitution Drafting Committee with Dr Venüsa Tunyi as its convenor. Members included Colo Mero, Dr Riku Khutso, Dr Meneno Vamuzo, and chairman, CSF as its Ex officio member. The committee has been entrusted to work on criteria of membership fee and tenure of CSF executive members.

Various other CSF members have also shared their views during short sharing and interaction sessions.
Professor, applied theology and director of centre for pastoral renewal at Oriental Theological Seminary Rev. Dr. Chekrovei Cho-o pronounced opening prayer, former principal at Baptist Theological College, Pfutsero Rev. Dr. Yiepetso Wezah made the concluding remark and Asst. Prof., Pfutsero Govt. College Tavezo Theluo led the virtual meet. (Page News Service)