Tuesday, May 18, 2021

CSA meet enter Day-2

Dimapur, January 22: Abao Virie of Tenyiphe 1emerged champion of the Chakhroma Sports Association Naga-style wrestling on January 21 defeating Petevisa Sirie of Medziphema Town.
The 3rd and 4th placed wrestlers were Seyiesalie Nakhro of Piphe Bawe and Keneivilie Meyase of Medziphema village.
In the Under-16 category, Viketouto Keyho of Piphe Bawe emerged champion by defeating Neikotseilie Krose of Medziphema Town. The 3rd and 4th places went to Keneisezo Keyho of
Piphe Bawe and Vizokieto Nakro of Medziphema ‘A’ (Sirhi Angami) village.
On Day-2 today, Group B (Team 2) won the Chakhroma Sports Association volleyball (women) defeating Group B (Team 1).
Meanwhile the organisers, Chakhroma Sports Association, have notified that volleyball & football for men will continue at 8 am at NAPTC grounds while athletics for both men & women will begin on January 23 at local ground, Chümoukedima town from 9 am onwards.
(Page News Service)