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CS level talks on border issue was just ‘lip service’: UNTABA

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Dimapur, September 27: The United Naga Tribes Association on Border Areas (UNTABA) has termed the Chief Secretary level discussion on Nagaland-Assam border issue at Chumukedima on September 25 as “just a lip service on the core issue”.
“It is very unfortunate for Nagas when its own Government completely shifts its responsibility and makes a mockery of its avowed duties during this critical juncture,” said UNTABA chairman Hukavi T Yeputhomi and general secretary Imsumongba Pongen in a statement.
Stating that it had time and again reminded the Government of Nagaland to review the Interim Agreement of 1979 between the Governments of Nagaland and Assam, which is long overdue, UNTABA said among others, this agreement had divided the traditional and ancestral Naga lands and demarcated almost the entire stretch of the Assam Nagaland border areas as ‘Disputed Area Belt’, and had virtually placed the entire population of the border areas and the rightful Naga lands under the mercies of the day-to-day administration of the Assam Government for years.
Reminding that in the history of the Naga people, there have never been any disputed sectors or areas in the entire traditional and ancestral lands, either with Assam, Manipur, Arunachal or with Myanmar, UNTABA said on the border issue between Assam and Nagaland, the entire stretch from Golaghat to Arunachal, there is a clear historical and traditional boundary line called ‘Dhodar Ali’ and from Golaghat down to Jaintia Hills, then to Barak Valley stream, there is a clear cut boundary line defined and mapped by the British India Government in 1876.
“However, in spite of the 16 Point Agreement of 1960 Point No. 12 and 13, the basis of the establishment of the Nagaland Statehood, the successive Governments of Nagaland have completely ignored the very foundation of the Nagaland Statehood for all these years,” it said.
UNTABA stated that it is incumbent upon the Government of Nagaland to uphold the history of the Naga people at this critical juncture, more so, owing to the fact that the Naga people have reached a new threshold of geo-political equation, or else history may never forget the present generation. (Page News Service)