Monday, September 20, 2021

Crumbling social system

Editorial 2

For some years now we are witnessing the collapse of social norms and order in our state. Certainly some changes within the social system are for the betterment of the society but majority of intrusions had given negative impact to our more or less conservative society. In the past, we had our own traditions, culture and above all social order but for some years now social norms and order are crumbling with adverse impacts of social invasion. Every society should be open for interactions but with a positive approach of taking up the better and giving the best. No doubt, varying levels of education imparted during these testing periods worked as cushion against the onslaught of social evils imposed upon us; otherwise the social situation in this part of world would have been disastrous. Several factors beyond our control worsened our social frontline and political strife was one of the most prominent amongst them. Every conflict, whether political, ethnic or economic, leaves the society torn making it more susceptible to interference with an impact of disintegration. Our entire social system at the moment is almost tattered with our much appreciated virtues of altruism and pacifism at the altar of egotistic mindset. For some years now our decayed social system is making its presence felt in many shapes. Disturbed social system has drawn clear lines between affluent and the oppressed on all fronts. People command respect depending on the amount of wealth they own and the quantum of power they hold. Gone are the old days when people commanded respect out of their wisdom and judiciousness. Presently materialism is governing the norms and order of the society! Unrestricted nepotism and corruption of all shapes have given rise to many evils and evil-minded tribes. These evil-doers become instruments of social evils and degradation of society by flaunting their ill-gotten wealth brazenly. Their unaccounted and illegitimate wealth is instrumental in redrawing the rules of our social system and encouraging many a customs and traditions of extravagance earlier unheard in our society. In fact materialism is the ultimate cause of the massive degradation of societies all over the world but our society has been engulfed by the fire of greed severely and we have lost the ways and means of love, tolerance and compassion. Where and why our social structure has gone wrong? Invasions by, and exposure to, other societies is an ongoing process of social transformation. Cultural invasions can be located in our history but we have never compromised on the fundamentals and basics of just and genuine social norms. For some years now, our social apparatus has succumbed to wickedness and materialism. Our level of knowledge was always high but it was limited to few and majority of people were lacking this gift of wisdom; even then our social system resisted all sort of evil designs. But now we have left our social order in lurch; exposed to all kinds of invasion. We are more literate now but it seems our knowledge quotient is not in compatibility with our quantum of education or maybe we lack quality education. Obviously we lack the adaptability to the judicious and genuine aspirations for improvement and development of our social coordination. Materialism has taken over every sensible aspect of our consciousness. We adopt every cheap and covert means of voraciousness; not only to toss down the clean wealth but the filth as well. Our gluttonous bellies never feel contented even with rubbish. This is our filthy social scenario! Once a society is overtaken by the extremes of materialistic urge the first casualty is humanity and the rest will follow. Societies overtaken by materialism lack the characteristic of righteousness, impartiality, honesty, consciousness, modesty and ultimately credibility. Dented in social organization everyone is responsible, no one can shirk the responsibility and pass the buck. We have to strive hard and put an end to this materialistic social setup where man kills man for money. We have to create a reasonable society where everyone will have justified access and means to resources and where norms and rules will be laid by wisdom and not by the weight of material.