Friday, September 29, 2023
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Creating so many districts is administrative mess, says SC Jamir

S C Jamir

Those delaying Solution must be made ‘punctured vehicles’

Nirendra Dev
DIMAPUR, AUGUST 28: Creating so many districts in a small state like Nagaland is a mistake and “administrative mess”, which the future generation will be compelled to review, veteran politician Dr SC Jamir said here today.
“I don’t know how this came into their mind. In a State like Nagaland, you should not try to compete with bigger States…this is bad politics and an administrative mess”, Jamir told this Journalist in an interview here.
“I am sure even the future generation will one day will have to review this. Each new district is not merely an announcement, there are huge expenditures involved”, he said.
“You should not become a carbon copy of bigger States where creating new districts is necessary. We are now sitting in Chumokedima, it is a district. Nearby Niuland too is”, said Jamir criticising Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, who was one-time his lieutenant and a ministerial colleague.
Answering a question, Jamir said, “Before taking such a decision, the State Government should have applied their mind on the administrative feasibility.”
He also said as it is the Rio Government, which is creating hurdles to peace talks, it is responsible for alleged corruption and gross financial mismanagement and now there is this “administrative chaos”.
“A Chief Minister holding Finance portfolio should know where from the resources will come…Most of these will have to come from non-Plan and the State Government does not seem to be following any norm”, the former Chief Minister and ex-Governor of Maharashtra and Gujarat said.
Talking of his former lieutenant, Jamir said, “Even during my time, Rio was often uncontrollable…but I used to control him and tell him how to do things.”
Replying to questions on Naga peace talks and solution, he said further delay is not acceptable to Nagas.
“Let there be a solution and let this State also run as a normal State and develop”, said Jamir, who has earlier this year met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah to expedite the peace process and work out a solution with Naga groups.
“Outsourcing the job to Rio, TR Zeliang and Himanta Biswa Sarma will not help…All these show weakening of the Central Government’s authorities”, Dr Jamir said.
In the context of power structures in Nagaland, he said, “How can you have an elected Government to be dictated by extra constitutional authorities?” He said the Centre should ensure removal of the present dispensation and those who are working to delay the peace process or solution will become a “punctured vehicle”.