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CPO, WSH endorses Chumoukedima District demarcation

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Dimapur, October 7: The Chakhroma Public Organisation (CPO) during and the Western Sumi Hoho on Saturday resolved to accept and reaffirm the stand of the State Government notification issued on December 20, 2021, concerning the jurisdiction of Chumoukedima District.
A press release informed that this was one of the resolutions adopted during a meeting of the two organisations on October 7 at Chekiye, WSH Hiyam, Chümoukedima.
They also resolved to support the demands of the Joint Coordination Committee of Villages (JCCV) submitted earlier to the State Government, which include mutual settlement of inter-district boundaries and recognition of unrecognised villages in Aqahuto areas, upgrade sub-divisional office headquarter to ADC Dhansiripar “and creation of EAC headquarters and Urra”.
RIIN: The two organisations emphasised the importance of implementing the Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) at the earliest and urged Nagaland Government to do so without any delay.
“This registration would address various issues and challenges faced by the indigenous population in the State and it would also protect our rights and interests, preserve our culture, and prevent further marginalization or dilution of our identity.
“RIIN is the tool to save our coming generation from the influx of illegal immigrants. And hence, it was resolved that RIIN should be immediately implemented with cut-off year from 1st December 1963 which marks the year when Nagaland became a State so that it can focus on only those with ancestral roots and historical connections to the indigenous communities of Nagaland”, it stated.
Illegal taxation & syndicate: They also discussed the mushrooming of multiple factions resulting in unabated taxation which has become unbearable and crippled the economy. “Of late, several pressing issues have been emerging causing significant disturbance within our society. Therefore, it is felt crucial to actively address these matters to ensure safety, harmony and progress of the citizens.
“Non-local individuals acting on behalf of underground factions is a disturbing trend happening in recent times. These individuals exploit their anonymity to carry out and indulge in many illegal operations disturbing the peaceful atmosphere amongst the Naga communities”, it stated.
The leaders also shared concern over the business syndicate system “by underground cadres in collaboration with some vested businessmen”, which has been to the detriment of Naga entrepreneurs who cannot join Government services or are born from wealthy backgrounds.
“As responsible organisations, it will be failing on our parts to remain silent spectators”, it stated.
Another concern raised during the meeting was the “random issuing of Red and Blue Cards to some NPG factional leaders granting them unfettered power to carry arms in public places”.
“This poses a grave risk to the safety and security of the citizens. Therefore, it was deliberated to beseech the Chairman of CFMG/CFSG and GoI to enact immediate protocols to monitor and track the issuance of such cards”, it stated.
“A concern on implementation of ILP and giving GBs to non-indigenous people was also highlighted during the coordination meeting. The CPO-WSH joint coordination meet further resolved to discuss and jointly work out the future plans in the coming days”, it added.
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