Monday, January 18, 2021

CPO welcomes delimitation exercise

Dimapur, June 19: The Chakhroma Public Organization (CPO) has welcomed the decisions of the Chief Election Commission to readjust assembly constituencies in Nagaland basing on the Delimitation Act of 2002.
In a press release, CPO president Vichütuolie Mere and general secretary Mhiesisato Vüprü said the existing allocation of assembly constituencies in Nagaland is lacking justice as per the population spread across the State.
“The CPO is aware and respects each and every tribes of the state that they are required of their representatives to the State Legislative Assembly. However, people’s representative is also based on population as well,” it said.
The organization highlighted that Dimapur having the largest population in the State is having only five representatives, whereas some other districts having lesser population, compared to Dimapur, are having more than six members as their representatives.
The CPO said it is also aware that a “solution” to the Indo-Naga political issue is awaited, but maintained that readjustment of assembly constituencies and Naga solution is completely two different subjects.
“We will welcome if the Assembly Constituencies are increased after the Solution is finalised. In this case too, readjustment of seats to the people’s representatives will be ensued. Up to that extend, there is no threat that any tribe will be denied of their due equal share. Therefore, the “Indo-Naga Solution” should not be a stumbling block to the readjustment of the allocation of seats in the State Legislative Assembly,” it maintained.
The CPO was optimistic that the Delimitation Commission will deliver justice to the people of Nagaland. (Page News Service)