Thursday, September 23, 2021
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CPO strongly opposes Delimitation 2021

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Dimapur, June 12: The Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) has voiced serious reservations and ardent objections against the process of Delimitation of assembly constituencies in the State of Nagaland and called upon all competent authorities to revisit the matter.
In a representation to Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai, Chairperson, Delimitation Commission of India, New Delhi against the re-initiation of Delimitation exercise in Nagaland, CPO president Mikha Kenye and convener, committee on delimitation, CPO, Theja Therieh said the decision to conduct the pending process of Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies in the present manner and mode is not only arbitrary and a hasty decision but it also stands contrary to the very idea behind conducting Delimitation.
“We say so as the present attempt to conduct Delimitation having being proposed to be conducted not on the basis of the population figures obtained from the most recent Census (2011) but rather on the basis of stale figures of 2001 Census. The 28.02.2020 Notification is liable to be recalled as it is violative of the Constitutional provisions related to Equality before Law, the Right to Life and Freedom of Speech and Expression. The withdrawal of the deferment of Delimitation Notification is without any cogent and justifiable ground and is highly uncalled for,” it said.
Stating that the action of the Union of India to bulldoze into the existing status-quo position without showing any sensitivity to the ground realities and the socio-political scenario of the State is utterly despicable and unfortunate, the CPO representation termed it as a harsh and hasty decision and exhibits a state of disorientation and an unorganized state of affairs.
“The Union fails to adopt a pragmatic approach that on the basis of the 2002 Delimitation Act and the commission constituted under the said Act Delimitation in a state cannot be fairly undertaken as we stand in the year 2020. There seems to be discord between the actions contemplated and the legal parameters set forth for executing the present activity. The attempt of the commission to fall back upon the 2001 Census to conduct Delimitation in the year 2020 that too when a new Census of 2011 exists speaks volume of the lack of clarity and disoriented approach of the Union towards the said Delimitation exercise,” it stated.
The CPO claimed that a very reading of the 28.02.2020 Presidential Notification rescinding its earlier order of deferment of Delimitation in the State of Nagaland amongst other NE States “lays bare the fact that the same is arbitrary and purely mechanical as it does not seem to have been passed in a true appreciation of the existing ground realities as existing on this present date in the State of Nagaland.
The representation argued that looking at it from a complete different perspective and adopting a holistic approach to the same, even if Delimitation process is to be undertaken, one would fail to perceive as to how the same is sought to be conducted on the basis of the archaic 2001 Census, in the light of the fact that in view of the publication of the 2011 Census, the 2001 Census has been rendered redundant.
Stating that the present state of affairs as displayed in the matter of Delimitation in the State of Nagaland is highly arbitrary and irrational, the CPO added that the same is not workable in any sense. “The same can therefore be not allowed to continue and thus we express our ardent and staunch reservation to the same,” it said. (Page News Service)