Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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CPO reiterates stand on 2-lane road project


Dimapur, November 27: The Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) has resolved to stand firm that the present 2-lane road project be completed within a stipulated period.
In its official meeting held at Kohima, the CPO condemned some recent incidents leading to the kidnapping of engineer and also demand of cash from labours, which it said will not be tolerated nor allowed. It said any demand or threats should be intimated to appropriate body and law enforcing agencies.
The CPO also warned that if the construction company abandons the project without any valid reason or reports, it will be seriously dealt with. It made a clarion call to any group of factions not to hamper the project “for we cannot afford to get such opportunity in future.”
The meeting at the same time reiterated its stand on resolution No 3 and 4 approved during CPO extended executive council  meeting held at Phek town. To protect the interest and welfare of the affected villages, CPO said it will extend support for any beneficial prospect which are due to them.
Stating that quality of work must be maintained at all cost by the contractors as per the DPR guidelines, the CPO and its committee assured to extend full support and cooperation to all the agencies till its completion. (Page News Service)