CPO clarifies its position vis-à-vis 23rd August Declaration & NH

CPO clarifies its position vis-à-vis  23rd August Declaration & NH

Dimapur, September 6: In response to the 23rd August Declaration of Naga Hoho and United Naga Council followed by the Open letter of the Naga Hoho, the Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) today said that any self-determined Naga political principle and position deviated from originality would have no binding whatsoever on CPO and its members.
The CPO said the day President’s tribe walked out from the Naga Hoho, he is stripped of all moral right and constitutional privileges to occupy the chair.
It said any decision or action adopted thereafter by Naga Hoho under his “unconstitutional leadership” is out rightly null and void, adding for aly consequential fall out for his continuity in office, the CPO would not bear responsibility.
In a press statement, CPO president, Kekhwengulo Lea and general secretary, Mutsivoyi Kotso stated that the Naga Hoho came under severe test when some tribes walked out on protest but few remnants tribal Hoho of Nagaland firmly stood with the apex body in greater interest of the Nagas. It said while the President in-question was expected to act wisely in line of given condition both from his exited parent Hoho as well as Naga Hoho from within, the CPO said he totally ignored.
Referring to the 23rd August Declaration, the CPO said the President in-question singly dared signed a controversial document the reading of which is clearly a warning and intimidation to any Naga or group or assembly, irrespective of their given capacity or obligation, in case of defying questionably considered Naga political principle and its position.
It further said the threat to consider one as anti national and be banned from owns territory based on such blanket declaration alleged as that of the Naga people is highly “aggressive and potentially reactionary”.
Stating that the CPO has steadfastly supported the original Naga political principle, it said any deviation from this originality is only pseudo political principle and contrarily any Naga or group or assembly that deviates from this originality and professes any self-determined Naga political principle is rather unmandated or unauthorized.
“CPO respects ongoing peace process of all negotiating groups but strongly object to the expression and intention of calling other Naga member or group or assembly as un-mandated or unauthorized or open threat to brand them anti national and ban their entry in Naga territory,” the statement said.
The CPO also termed the ‘NH Open letter’ signed by the president himself as ‘self contradictory’ and apparently a post mortem rationalization of 23rd August Declaration. (Page News Service)