Saturday, April 20, 2024

CPO cautions against any disruption in road project

Dimapur, July 23: Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) has cautioned any anti-development element within or without the district from obstructing the ongoing road construction or flaring up unnecessary social tension.The CPO’s statement comes in regards to the issue on 2 lanning of Zunheboto-Chakabama road via Chozuba and Pfutsero-Phek road.
Reiterating Resolution No.4 of CPO Extended Executive Meeting adopted on June 29, 2019 in Phek Town, the CPO has reminded community members that any genuine complaint pertaining to compensation or construction by contractors should be routed through authorized body of respective village/town.
It observed that confusion has been created by questionable persons/groups in the form of ‘organized complaints’ lodging countless complaints directly to district administration, claiming damage compensation.
It said without verification and authentication by respective authorized village/town bodies any random claim or concede under pressure of ‘organized complaints’ can cause serious ramification derailing the mega project second time and added CPO’s position is very clear on entitlement of damage compensation and has been pressing concerned authority to immediately re-verify the properties of each and every genuine complaint and payment due.
In a press release, CPO president, Mikha Kenye and secretary, Veduvo Rhakho stated that if any member/group who tries to disrupt the social harmony of community or inter community, ongoing road construction or other cooperating aggrieved property owners, the CPO would uphold its mandated responsibility and penalize any rebelling member traditionally deemed fit.
The CPO appealed to every concerned member not to sub-serve personal agenda at the cost of community good. (Page News Service)