Saturday, July 24, 2021
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CPO 2-lane road committee condemns


Dimapur, November 5: The Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) committee on 2-lane road has condemned the repeated harassment of working company/contractors for taxation/donation by claimed cadres of different national groups within Phek District.
In a release, CPO said 2 staffs of a construction company were kidnapped recently in exchange for ransom thereby creating anxious situation in the district. “Such unabated activity by national workers or anti social elements will jeopardize the ongoing project in the district and inevitably cause the general public to suffer for many years to come,” it said.
The committee informed that it is formed by CPO to act as a watchdog and oversee the proper and timely execution of mega project and ensure that quality work is not compromised with its jurisdiction. While pursuing the given task, it is the bounded duty of the committee to also create congenial atmosphere for the safety and well being of the working company/contractors and those engaged laborers in the site, it said.
The committee advised all such cadres to immediately discontinue “pestering and harassing” the working company/contractors for taxation or forced donation. It also advised the working company/contractors to bring to the notice of the committee if any of such related problem confronted by them in work execution within Phek District. The committee further appealed to the effected villages/towns in particulars and public in general as well as administration to remain vigilant and check any potential threat to ongoing execution of the mega project. (Page News Service)