Monday, January 18, 2021
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Covid-19 vs Music industry

As the whole world is battling this pandemic, many lives are lost, many families are suffering, who are left hungry, poor, hopeless and jobless. The economy is down, financial crisis and unemployment are on the rise. Millions of stranded citizens praying to return home to be with their loved ones and for security reasons.

At this juncture let me also address the plea and cry of the music industry. Since I feel many of you might be unaware of our struggles. Along with the rest of the world, our industry and career are also badly affected like any one of us.

  1. All our tours, events, gigs are cancelled which is the main source of revenue for musicians today. No shows mean no income. With the closing and cancellation of festivals, events, pubs, hotels and clubs, performing artiste are badly affected.
  2. Music recordings and studios are paralyzed and closed, this will delay our tours and works even after the lockdown is over. The recording art industry is at halt now: sound engineers, studio session musicians/ recording artiste are home without works. Sound departments in the film industry are also without a job since all the movie productions are at halt.
  3. All music schools and colleges being one of the most stable income generating sources for the musicians and educators stands ceased. School and college owners are struggling to pay rents and salary to employees.
  4. The music production vendors and owners of sound, lights, LED, generators, stages etc. are all burdened with EMI and loans to pay without shows and events. The huge investments will take more time to recover and yes, they have families to feed too.
  5. Without events /concerts, those behind the settings are being severely affected: the event management companies, graphic designers, online and traditional marketing industry (printing press, newspapers, hoardings and billboard) merchandise sales, bouncers & security personals, transport and taxi vendors, food and beverage industry, local people and landowners etc.

Most of the people from the Music industry depends on the above works to run their kitchen and feed their families. Now with no work, we have no stable income and our families are severely affected.

The whole world may seem to look at the musicians as well-to-do and self-sufficient individuals because of the glamour and our lifestyles but the reality is that we are also helpless at this current situation. We are unsure about our future as people will remain conscious of social distancing even after the lockdown is over for a longer period of time.

But nevertheless, in spite of our situation, we will hope and remain to smile, entertaining the world even during this pandemic by organizing online gigs, artiste around the world collaborating and coming up with songs to motivate and inspire and also to share awareness through music.

Stay safe and take care!

Alobo Naga

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