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COVID-19: Test fewer samples = Less positive cases

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With 20 new cases, tally rises to 3,031

Dimapur, August 11: After more than a week of reporting high number of COVID-19 cases in Nagaland, citizens in the State breathed a sigh of relief with the report of only 20 new cases on Tuesday.
Before today, 1,311 cases of COVID-19 were detected in the last 10 days, with the highest 276 cases reported on August 4 and 230 on August 10. The lowest number of cases reported this month before today was on August 8 when 31 new cases were detected.
However, the relief was short-lived as realization hit that the 20 new positive cases were detected from testing only 192 samples, which is the lowest number of samples tested in a day this month.
With hundreds of people in queue – in paid institutional quarantine as well as in home quarantine – anxiously waiting for their sample results, testing only 192 samples in a day seems illogical when the State has the capacity to test at least 845 samples a day (as tested on August 3).
Or perhaps health authorities thought that the people needed a break from the tension over the high number of COVID-19 cases being detected daily, and tested fewer numbers of samples to get less COVID positive cases. Or something is wrong with the testing labs?
Or the 192 samples were the only samples left for testing? But, this cannot be as out of a total of 29,466 samples sent for testing through RT-PCR, results of 27,759 samples have been received and results of 1707 samples are still pending. In addition, a total of 19,347 samples have been sent for testing on Truenat.
On August 3 last, 845 samples were tested in the State, while on Monday, 828 samples were tested. The least number of samples tested in a day this month was on August 2, when only 383 samples were tested.
samples testedMeanwhile with the report of 20 COVID-19 positive cases today, the total number of positive cases in the State now stands at 3,031. But with 985 recoveries and 8 deaths, the number of active cases in the State is 2032.
Out of the 20 new cases, 10 were detected in Kohima (Armed Forces – 7, traced contacts – 2, returnees – 1), 9 in Dimapur (Armed Forces – 6, frontline workers – 2, traced contacts – 1) and one in Tuensang Returnees – 1).
As per the severity of symptoms, 2,029 active cases are asymptomatic 1 active case is mild and 2 active cases are moderate. The positive persons are receiving medical care at the designated COVID-19 Hospitals and COVID-19 Care Centres. Further, active surveillance and contact tracing is also in progress to prevent further spreading of the infection.
Further, out of the 3,031 positive cases, the distribution across various categories of people are 1,385 cases of Armed Forces, 1,096 cases of returnees, 200 cases of frontline workers, 296 cases of traced contacts and others – 54.
A total of 1,984 persons are presently under facility quarantine. (Page News Service)