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Covid-19 spiraling out of control in Dimapur

COVID 19 1

703 cases reported in last 7 days

Dimapur, April 28: Alarming surges in coronavirus cases in Dimapur District has raised fears that the outbreak is spiraling out of control and that the hard-won progress against the scourge is slipping away because of resistance among many citizens to wearing masks and keeping their distance from others. Add to it the criminal apathy of the State Government and the administration, and we are staring at a disaster in the next few days.

In the last 7 days (April 22 to 28), out of the 822 Covid-19 positive cases detected in Nagaland, Dimapur alone recorded 703 cases, which is over 85% of the total cases. On Wednesday, of the 124 positive cases, 107 were from Dimapur.
Compare this with the figure of April 1 to 21, when number of Covid-19 positive cases detected in the State was 399, out of which Dimapur’s share was 253. For two days this month (April 3 & 4), no positive cases were detected in Dimapur.
But despite the last 7 days number showing the direness of the situation, the Government and the district authorities here seems unmoved.
The high numbers of returnees testing positive show that infected persons were allowed into the State without any screening. Except at the Dimapur Airport and a semblance of regulation at the Dimapur Railway Station (screening is done only for those entering the station via the main entrance gate while other entry/exit points are unmonitored), all entry points into the State remains unmonitored.
Sure the State Government has now decided to reduce the number of entry points into the State from April 30, and enforce strict regulation but by that time it might be too late. There is still 24 hours window for people to freely enter Nagaland without any regulation or screening at the entry points till the new rule comes into force from April 30.
The night curfew imposed in Dimapur since April 23 was another halfhearted attempt on the part of the authorities to contain the spread of corona virus, but which has totally failed as there is no visible enforcement of the curfew.
In the face of such complacency and laxity, the Covid-19 situation in Dimapur seems to be spiraling out of control with the district in the vice like grip of the infection spike.
The positivity rate in Dimapur last week was a very high 24%, but this week it will have gone up drastically considering the jump in the number of positive cases, while the number of sample tested remain minimal.
Scarily enough, the Government is aware of the shortage of medical infrastructure here, yet it refuses to stop any activity that has the potential to collect large crowds till date.
Again only from April 30 all educational institutions will be closed (schools for Class 1 to 8 were closed from April 20) and restriction on gathering of more than 30% of capacity of hall/venue/ground or 100 persons, whichever is lower will come into force.
In its defense, the State Government keeps harping on the recovery rate of over 90% to claim that all is under control. It also keeps shifting the goalposts. Last year, the emphasis was on institutional quarantine but with little space left, the focus is back on home quarantine – a tacit acknowledgement that hospital beds are in short supply.
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