Friday, May 7, 2021

COVID-19 review meeting held at Noklak

Dimapur, July 30: A review meeting of the Noklak Sub-Divisional Task Force on COVID-19 was held on July 28 at the DBs Court Noklak. The meeting was chaired by the SDO (C), Noklak C.Phuniang.
On reviewing the various measures taken so far, the task force found necessary to regulate inter-district movement. The house after thorough discussion decided that all inter-district movement will be strictly regulated. People coming from outside the state and from the red-zone districts (within the state) shall mandatorily produce swab test for Covid-19 (test). There shall be no exemption for any category – Government servants or otherwise. Those arriving without the test report shall be quarantined for 14 days of home quarantine.
As entrusted and endorsed by the SDPDB Noklak to access the means to procure TrueNat Machines, the house agreed to forward the matter to the Department of Health & Family Welfare and to appeal the Government to allot 2 TrueNat (Quadro) to the District. The house further decided to appeal the MLAs of the District to pursue it relentlessly to the Government.
The meeting also decided to regulate market timing to avoid and reduce crowding in the main town. It classified 3 categories of shops: Category 1: Pharmacies, Hotels, Petrol/Diesel Outlets, Bakeries; Category 2: Hardware, Groceries, Motor Parts, Pan Shops; Category 3: Cloth store, Variety Stores, Cosmetic, Electronics, Stationeries and others.
Category 1 shall be allowed to open on all days (except Sundays). However, only takeaway food/items shall be permitted in hotels.
Category 2 shall be allowed to open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Category 3: this category shall be allowed to open only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
(Page News Service)