COVID-19: Nagaland Church body censures Govt over lack of preparedness

COVID-19: Nagaland Church body censures Govt over lack of preparedness

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Says ‘negligence & selfishness should not become the norm’
Dimapur, May 29: The powerful Baptist Church in Nagaland has censured the State Government over its lack of preparedness to tackle the COVID-19 crisis in the State.
In a press release, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), the apex body of all Baptist Churches in the State, said Nagaland had ample time to prepare to combat COVID-19 but appears to have fallen short of the mark considering the lack of basic equipments and infrastructure required.
“By God’s grace the state was kept on hold from the virus for at least over two months – making this period a good time for preparation. But have we prepared enough? Given the extent of basic equipments and infrastructure required we have fallen short of the mark and we hear disgruntled cries from various corners of the state,” said NBCC general secretary Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho.
‘Tuensang case’
The apex Church body also expressed deep hurt over what happened to the returnees from Tuensang. “What happened to our children from Tuensang hurt us deeply. Negligence and selfishness should not become the norm at this time. The feeling of abandonment can cause us to lose our grips and the temptations and doubts can multiply,” it said.
Advising the Government to wisely act so as not to create further chasm among the Naga family, the NBCC reminded that safety and just equality lie at the heart of any prosperous nation. “In this new reality government need to view citizen safety (and security) and rights to equality in a holistic light and work to achieve it at all cost.”
‘Selfish decision’
The NBCC also asked all not to let fear and insecurity make selfish and hasty decision to protect oneself and one owns community. “At the same time we need to shy away from the command and control mode and give way to developing a harmonious and efficient inter-district coordination mechanism.
“At this crucial time we cannot afford to let any of our action or decision being misconstrued as one of favouritism as it can breed a culture of mistrust. The consequences can be costly creating a spirit of animosity in the society just as it happened when Rebecca loved one son more than the other (Genesis 25:28). Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says, “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it…” Our motive therefore must be sincere, serving one another with all that we have and do all we can,” the Church said.
Expressing deep concern over the challenge of COVID-19 rising, along with the plights of the COVID-19 victims both at home and outside the State, the NBCC said considering the speed at which the virus is spreading cooperation at all levels is paramount to promptly respond and prevent from the pandemic.
“The need of the hour is transparency and coordination. The Government must continually take all stakeholders into confidence and develop a responsive mechanism to combat the pandemic collectively. Another challenge in the administrative system is to move funds, procure goods and make payments on timely manner,” it said.
Stating that overcoming the extraordinary challenges ahead is going to need both the Government and the people to have mutual trust and a greater commitment to genuinely work together, the Church bodyb appealed to all to continue to pray, trust and hope in God even during this difficult and trying times. (Page News Service)