Tuesday, March 9, 2021

COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur grateful

Dimapur, April 28: The Medical Superintendent, COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur, Dr. Z. Keshito Zhimo on behalf of COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur management committee has expressed appreciation to the following for their contribution towards COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur:
Jain Community Dimapur – Biscuits, 32 food packs, drinking water and fruits; Gorkha Colony (Rana) – food packs; Breeze Bakery – bread, cakes and snacks; Opposition Leader, TR Zeliang and his colleagues – Rs 1 lakh; Mrs. Nyathei Phom, wife of Minister H&FW, Pangyu Phom – 2 pig and 4 bags of rice; ECI Construction Company – black topped the compound and road at COVID-19 Hospital; Indus Viva Health Science Pvt Ltd – Rs 1,75,000 for CCTV installation; Mr&Mrs Hokuto Zhimo, New colony – one pig and 2 bags of rice; DABA – Rs 1 lakh worth of refreshment and food; Kishore Jain – 5 bags of rice and one bag of dal; Dr. Vininoli K. Chishi – 400 pieces of face shield (reusable); Grace & Care Foundation – Coveralls, gowns, leggings, face shield; Nagaland Decorative – Furniture worth Rs 1 lakh and Western Sumi Hoho – 1 pig and one bag of rice. (Page News Service)