Monday, June 21, 2021
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COVID-19: Health workers decry lack of proper protective equipments


Dimapur, April 17: Health workers, who were involved in COVID-19 duty at various parts of Nagaland since the pandemic spread in India, have bitter experiences as the level of preparedness was disheartening in the initial stages. Now, those health workers who are compelled to remain 14 days in a quarantine centre are disheartened again.
Sources disclosed that during the initial days when screening of people began in Dimapur, the health workers were not given protective gears. One mask was given for three days’ use and were ordinary, not packaged while gloves and masks were not sufficient.
It is learnt that the health workers were advised to use only one piece of glove on one hand at a time.
Sources informed that field staffs on duty were advised to buy battery for the testing machines if it got exhausted and they had to work without any refreshment, forget about lunch.
After such indifference of the government was exposed through various platforms, the health workers now hope that there would be some progress in the area of health care in Nagaland.
Sources informed that while other facilities in the quarantine centre are appreciable, there is a need to improve the quality of food.
A quarantine health worker, on conditions of anonymity, informed that the meals consist of rice, dal and chutney, both for lunch and dinner while tea with 3-4 biscuits are served in the morning and afternoon.
He also informed that emergency requirement of medicines for workers with health issues is another problem inside the quarantine centre.
It must be noted that ground workers are most vulnerable in the frontline as they are not provided with proper protective equipment. Sources said that they have been managing with a pair of gloves, single mask and a sanitizer.
In such a scenario tracing contacts of the first Covid positive patient with minimal protection in the sealed locations of Dimapur like Dhobinullah, Marwari Patti, Ghorapatty, Bata Chari Ali is indeed scary and shocking. (Page News Service)