Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Covid-19 has changed way of life

Dear Madam,
With the advent of Covid 19 , our way of life has changed drastically and we’re given to understand that, our present way of life is to be a new normal., and the virus ain’t leaving us atleast, in the foreseeable future.
Meanwhile, I’m sure most parents are very worried about their children’s future. And they should. Unprecedented measures initiated to contained the virus, eg. lockdown, closure of places of public gathering…. etc, has necessitated children to be confined in the four walls. And, as outdoor activities are discouraged, indoor activities like video games, TV…. etc are placed at their disposal, though reluctantly. What concerns most parents presently is the children’s accessibility to online games ( notably PUBG)….. The amount of free time at their disposal, home confinement, closure of schools and other entertainment centres etc are just too favourable for children to be glued with mobile phones. …. and lost in gaming PUBG online. Sometimes, they’re so deep in the game that, they forget their surrounding and start behaving differently (more like a programmed robot)
Yes, the mobile phones/ online gaming have invaded us, and children are the hardest hit. This menace isn’t less important an issue as others. Therefore, its high time the dept concerned, the NGOs and other stakeholders put their heads together and start addressing the issue, as it’s impossible for parents or teachers to tackle the menace in isolation.
C. Singson, Ahthibung Town.