Monday, June 21, 2021
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COVID-19: Govt. has ‘terribly’ failed, alleges NPF

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DIMAPUR, MAY 25: Opposition NPF has accused the PDA Government of failing “terribly” and staying always a step behind in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in Nagaland.
“From mishandling of COVID positive patients during the initial period to remaining complacent in improving the healthcare facilities and only worried about how much money can be accumulated in the name of donation drive and extra taxes on the people, the PDA Government continues to remain a paradox thus putting lives of many at risk”, it alleged.

In a communiqué, NPF Legislature Party spokesperson Imkong L Imchen alleged that even the pro rata cut of 15% from non development fund of 2020-2021 remains a secret and has not been put out for public consumption.
“Why are they maintaining such level of secrecy on matters of money which should be made public? As though collection of one year is not enough, the PDA has decided to increase the cut to 20% in the year 2021-2022. This pandemic has been used as money minting machine by this unscrupulous Government,” he alleged, while asking Naga public should judge the PDA Government accordingly and raise voices against such insensitive attitude.
Stating that there have been announcements of one or the other about major healthcare infrastructure development in the State, the party, however, maintained that the seriousness of the Government can be grasped by the snail pace progress of it. Nothing is achieved on time as announced and they find one or the other reason to blame for the delay in progress, it alleged.
‘Third wave’
The NPF admitted that the pandemic has caught all by surprise and that the absence of an effective drug to tackle the virus has aggravated the grim situation. It, however, said this should not be the excuse for the failure of the Government to protect its citizens.
The communiqué highlighted that the designated COVID Hospital in Dimapur District is facing acute shortage of oxygen beds and ICUs with ventilators and patients with severe symptoms have to remain in queue and wait for misfortune of another to have access to ICUs and ventilators. “While the State Government portrays a hunky-dory picture of the State’s healthcare system, the reality on the ground remains grim and pathetic. The funds raised and received in the name of COVID should be utilized to its optimum and the Government needs to step up and take stock of the reality before the eminent third wave hits our State and we continue to remain clueless and directionless,” it said.
‘Remdesivir efficacy’
Imkong Imchen also questioned the State Government’s spokesperson, Mmhonlumo Kikon placing “blind faith” in Remdesivir to fight against COVID-19 while the world is contesting the efficacy of the drug.

Stating that doctors around the world and even in India have been very apprehensive of its usage and even the Chairman of COVID task force AIIMS has said that Remdesivir is not a magic bullet to treat patients, the NPFLP spokesperson reminded that Remdesivir was initially developed to treat Hepatitis-C and also tested in the treatment for Ebola but had little impact, and now it has been reproduced as miracle drug for COVID-19 but yet again proved ineffective.
“So while it is an accepted fact, for a State Government of small state like Nagaland whose healthcare facilities are at its worst, the need to encourage the usage of this drug as treatment protocol to COVID patients would be disastrous. Moreover, without completely having a thorough knowledge of this drug, the Nagas would be used as guinea pigs to perform a clinical trial which is unacceptable,” he said.
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