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COVID-19: Every second person getting tested in Dimapur is positive

70 out of 88 shopkeepers test positive in random sampling at Kohima

DIMAPUR, MAY 8: The commercial capital of Nagaland, Dimapur, has one of the highest COVID-19 infections rate in the country, with one in every two people testing positive in the past week, State Government data shows.
According to the weekly COVID-19 bulletin for the week May 1-7, Dimapur is showing a positivity rate of 50%.

The bulletin showed that out of 1970 samples tested in Dimapur in the past week, 991 tested positive, which translates to 50% positivity rate. Twelve COVID-19 deaths were also reported in the district in the past week.
There has also been a substantial rise in weekly COVID-19 hospital admissions in Dimapur, with as many as 124 people being admitted, data showed. Kohima reported 18 hospital admissions, and Mon 7.
Nagaland as a whole is also reporting a high positive rate at 34%, which translates to 1 out of every 3 people tested is positive. In the past week, out of 4781 samples tested, 1604 cases were detected, which is the highest new cases in a single week. 18 deaths were also reported in the State.
Kohima is showing a high positivity rate at 39%, which again means 1 out of every 3 people tested is positive. In the past week, out of 1215 samples tested in Kohima, 468 were positivity, the bulletin said. Three deaths were also reported in Kohima District.
This, however, might only be the tip of the iceberg. The actual positivity rate could be much higher, as there are many asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients who are not getting tested.
“We are not testing enough. We must test more as this is one major tool to contain this wave,” a health official said.
Proving this point, at least 70 out of 88 shopkeepers tested positive for COVID-19 during random samplings conducted in Kohima in the past week, said the bulletin.
The Department also carried out random sampling among 112 taxi drivers, out of which 58 had tested positive for COVID-19. So, out of a total of 210 random samples in Kohima, 128 returned with COVID positive results.
The positivity rate of 61% was “high”, health official said.
Out of this week’s 1604 cases, 1194 were traced contacts/self-test, 256 travellers/returnees, 142 armed forces/security personnel, and 2 frontline workers.
However, out of the 1604 new cases, only 160 were admitted to hospitals.

1 super-spreader event
According to the Department, one super-spreader event was reported from a religious event in Mon district. “A Church revival camp held between April 21-25, 2021 turned into a super-spreader event in Mon District as 45 persons have tested positive out of 69 samples, with a positivity rate of 65%,” it informed.
Testing and contact tracing are still underway while the district administration has directed all attendees to self-isolate and turn up for testing, the Department added.
Social and religious events are high risk factors for such super-spreading events, it stated.
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