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COVID-19 case: NPF questions PDA Govt’s preparedness

Dimapur, April 13: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has questioned the claim of the PDA Government in Nagaland that the State is fully prepared to tackle COVID-19 after a positive case from the State was detected in Guwahati on Sunday.
In a statement, the NPF press bureau also questioned the quality of medical kits and equipments being supplied to the State. “The very fact that the gentleman from Dimapur who has been confirmed to have been infected by Corona Virus might have also gone through the usual procedure of screening in the Airport/Railway station when he landed/alighted but could not be detected is a solid ground to cast aspersion on the medical kits and equipment’s supplied and used in the State. The Government of the day ought to clear this doubt in order to boost the morale of the frontline workers in particular and to ease the tension of the general public at large,” it demanded.
Stating that the already confirmed case of corona virus of a person hailing from Dimapur is a case in point where Government of the day has proven themselves that they are not seriously and effectively handling the present pandemic, the NPF rued that despite getting all kinds of support and co-operation from the entire citizens of Nagaland including the opposition party, the Government of the day could not take care of one single patient who was a suspect and whose case have been finally confirmed from Guwahati.
“God forbid; in case the State is faced with more of such confirmed cases how actually the State Government is going to curb the situation,” it said while stating that the party is not convinced of the explanation given by the State Government on the confirmed case of corona virus from Dimapur.
“It is an acknowledged fact that the spread of the present pandemic is mostly link to travelling from one Country to another and from one State to another. Knowing fully well that the gentleman from Dimapur who is already confirmed to have been infected by corona virus has a travel history to other States and cities in the recent past, the Govt. casually handled the case which is utter carelessness on the part of the Government. By carelessly handling this particular case the Government has put the lives of thousands of citizens of Dimapur under tension. The Government claim of fully prepared to face any eventuality appears to be only propaganda rather than providing the most required medical facilities,” it alleged.
Another shocking aspect, the NPF said, was that a Minister from other State making the first announcement instead of our own Government revealing the whole truth to its the citizens.
“We are indeed thankful to the Hon’ble Health Minister of Assam for showing its utmost concern towards the patient but at the same time it is a pity on the part of the PDA Govt. the way they are handling and managing the present situation. Infact, it is extremely embarrassing that the State Govt. could not procure even a testing machines/lab even after elapsed of almost two months and the said poor fellow has to be ultimately referred to another State for treatment. Should other State refuse to admit and treat the patient from Nagaland what option do we have? It is already in public domain the amount of financial assistance that the State Government have received so far both from Central Government and through the magnanimous contribution of various individuals and organization and therefore the Government has sufficient fund to purchase/install a testing machine/lab of an international standard if they are really serious. Through this particular episode it is now difficult to take it for granted what the PDA Government has been telling the citizens of Nagaland all through this while on the so-called preparedness to tackle COVID-19.”
The NPF also claimed that it had confirmed that the Jain community in Dimapur celebrated Mahavir Jayanti at Marwari Patti on 6th April 2020 when the lockdown was still on in full swing. “Nagaland being predominantly Christian, a Day like Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday as well as Christmas etc. are absolutely a significant occasion where the Christian observe such day/occasion solemnly either in the Church or in some form of religious gathering. Nevertheless, the entire Christian communities in Nagaland choose to obey and abide by the Government decision to maintain social distance by closing down even the Churches and observing the Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday at Home. The question is if the Christian can be retrained what has prompted the Government to allow the Jain Community to have social/religious gathering during the lockdown period?” it asked.
Meanwhile considering that the PDA Government has issued statements after statement assuring the citizens of Nagaland that the Government is fully prepared to tackle COVID-19 and with that assurance the general public have extended full cooperation for the past 21 days of lockdown, the NPF suggested that the total lockdown may be relaxed from April 15 within the State with some regulations in placed on the ground.
The regulations suggested by the NPF includes only movement within the districts for the time being by keeping inter-district movement of vehicle and pedestrians for a week’s time and special medical team assigned to focus more on Dimapur district. Schools may remain closed till the end of April 2020 and the lost classes/days due to the present pandemic may be recovered by shortening the duration of summer vacation, it suggested.
The NPF further suggested that airport, railway station and Inter-State Bus/Taxi terminals may be sealed till the end of the April 2020. (Page News Service)