COVID-19: AYO questions Govt on increasing number of foreigners in Nagaland

COVID-19: AYO questions Govt on increasing number of foreigners in Nagaland

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Dimapur, April 3: The Angami Youth Organization has expressed concern over the increasing number of foreigners in Nagaland despite the implementation of the nation-wide lockdown starting from midnight of March 24 last.
Quoting daily updates on COVID-19 bulletin published by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Nagaland, the AYO said the number of tourists has been increasing over the last few days. As on March 30, the recorded number of tourists in the state stood at 5, but the figures increased to 10 on April 1 and climbed up to 20 on April 2.
Stating that the state Government had issued a blanket ban on entry of tourists (both domestic and international) with effect from March 16, the AYO said this changing trend on the entry of tourists is very disturbing at a time when there is panic among the public following the outbreak of COVID-19.
The AYO questioned the Chief Secretary and Home Commissioner as to how the lapses occurred from preventing the entry of tourists. It also wanted to know why tourists were permitted at this time, which is in total violation of the order on the blanket ban.
Observing that there has been a mixed response from the public in Kohima town in responding to the cll of the nation-wide lockdown, the AYO appreciated the villages and colonies which have responded positively in adhering to the directive.
However, it said many irresponsible citizens have continuously violated the order by coming out of their homes.
A press release issued by AYO president, Kekhrie Pfukha and vice president, Neidilhoutuo Sechu stated that despite the lockdown, Kohima continues to be a busy city from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the time period where it is open for public to buy their essential commodities.
It said despite an order that no organization has been entrusted or assigned in implementing the state government orders, yet the AYO has been compelled to stand up and respond to the lackadaisical approach of the government and the public. It said the AYO officials would also start regulating the movement of people and vehicles in the town.
While vehicles carrying essential commodities have been exempted during the lockdown period, the AYO requested the police personnel to strictly monitor the flow of these vehicles by not allowing unnecessary stoppage on the highway.
The AYO also expressed concern for the citizens of Kohima district who are in need of medical treatment, following the conversion of NHAK into COVID-19 Hospital by the government.
Stating that NHAK is the only government hospital in Kohima, the AYO said the citizens are left with no option, but to approach the private hospitals for any kind of treatment.
It urged the state government to urgently arrange an alternative private hospital which can accommodate patients from the district, especially the people who cannot afford to visit private hospitals.
The AYO urged upon all citizens, including people from different parts of the country residing in Kohima to strictly adhere to the directives laid down by the district administration and the health department.
It said people coming from outside, especially the non-locals are not adhering to the directive on quarantine and are roaming freely after their return from neighbouring states. It said the defaulters would be strictly dealt with. It also requested the government to provide proper protection gears to the police personnel operating at the check gates. (Page News Service)