Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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COVID-19: ASTD questions credibility of Dimapur health authorities

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Dimapur, August 2: The Ao Senso Telongjem Dimapur (Ao Union Dimapur) has questioned the credibility of the Medical Department/fraternity in Dimapur, especially COVID-19 Hospital Dimapur, in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in the district considering the high number of irregularities surfacing in recent times particularly over denial of tests.
Expressing dissatisfaction over the functioning of the medical fraternity/concerned authority in Dimapur, ASTD president L Wati Jamir and general secretary K Mar Lemtur lamented that only after a person/patient dies, he/she is tested for COVID-19 or are confirmed positive. The sad part, the union alleged, was that the patient was at first either declined admission in the COVID Hospital or sent back/referred to another hospital on the excuse of COVID-19 test report.
Such inordinate action on the part of the medical fraternity raises the questions as to whether the lives of those patients could have been saved if these test were done in time and admitted accordingly in hospital, said the ASTD.
Pointing out that when any person dies of COVID-19 or have tested COVID-19 positive after death, irrespective of his pre-infected sickness, such death body ought to be disposed off following SOP of COVID-19 death bodies at the earliest possible, the union alleged that recently in some cases at Dimapur, the concerned authority had manifestly acted in contrary to the COVID-19 Dead Body Disposal protocols.
Stating that such cases have given rise to questions about the credibility and responsibilities of concerned medical authorities in COVID-19 Hospital, Dimapur, and by extension, the State health authority, the ASTD urged the authorities to come up-front and respond to reported cases of death that are turning out to be COVID-19 positive before it is too late.
Meanwhile ASTD has supported the queries raised by DUCCF, GB’s Union and DNSU on the non-functioning of BSL-2 lab at CIHSR due lack of test kits and reagents, and urged the authority concerned to keep the testing laboratory functional and intact on war footing.
The ASTD also urged the State Government to immediately install a BSL-3 lab at District Hospital, Dimapur (COVID-19 hospital) as has been earlier emphasized and demanded jointly by NCD and NWHD respectively.
The union also welcomed the blueprint of Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur to take steps for setting up TrueNat machine in private hospitals in Dimapur District and appealed the State Government to instruct and encourage private hospitals in the State to set up TrueNat machine with proper consultation and approval from AIMC for speedy detection and containment of the COVID-19 pandemic
NPF Dimapur questions MOs
The NPF Dimapur Division has also expressed deep concern over a number of reports alleging failures and shortcomings in the functioning of COVID Hospital in Dimapur, particularly the number of patients going to COVID Hospital being either send back from the hospital without samples being taken for COVID-19 test or denied admission for treatment in the hospital despite being in critical condition.
“Such incidents highlighted in various media platform are dismaying as it degrades the morale of the common people besides questioning the credibility and responsibilities of Medical Officers on COVID duty at the COVID Hospital, Dimapur and also of the state government,” said Thungchanthung Lotha, president, NPF Dimapur Division in a press release.
The party stated that the COVID Hospital Dimapur is for people of Dimapur District and therefore any patient with Covid-19 related sickness going to the hospital for treatment or tests must not be deprived of the facilities and must be treated equally.
The NPF Dimapur Division appealed to the Government and the concerned health authority to initiate a through inquiry into the matter and also to ensure that all concerned are given proper treatment and tests as such reports have become a matter of serious issue. (Page News Service)