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COVID-19: 52% of positive traced contacts in State are young people

Infection in household, workplaces high
Fever & cough are most common symptoms

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 7: Household and workplaces continue to be the most common places of COVID-19 infection in Nagaland accounting for 55% of the total infection among traced contacts.
Out of the 3188 traced contacts testing COVID-19 positive, the place of infection of 983 (31%) was household, 757 (24%) are Government employees 587 (18%) are students.

A major concern is that 52% of positive traced contacts are in the 21-40-year-old age group, which Health authorities said are the potential drivers of community spread.
“The young are better placed but in no way invincible to COVID-19, and there should be no complacency in following standard preventive measures,” authorities said.
There is again a 1% increase in the 60+ age group, which indicates an epidemiological shift from the younger to the older age groups. The percentage of positive traced contacts in the 60+ age group is now 5%., health officials said.
The COVID-19 weekly bulletin released by the State Health & Family Department for the past week (October 31-November 6) showed 382 confirmed cases and 6 COVID-19 deaths in the week. 62% of all deaths are below 60 years of age.
The sample positivity rate remains higher than the national average at 9.2% but the weekly positivity rate is slowly decreasing, it said.
Diabetes and Hypertension are the most commonly associated co-morbidities among the deaths. Diabetes is associated with 50% of deaths.
Fever (77%), cough (48%) and shortness of breath are the most common reported COVID-19 symptoms in Nagaland. Infections in people with co-morbidities or high-risk groups (0.83%) is slowly increasing, which could mean more hospitalizations and even deaths, it said.
With regards to positivity rate among cases attending flu clinics, the bulletin said it is 8% (267/9327) in the last 4 weeks. “These cases either had or have symptoms or got tested for travel/surgery purposes. They had or have no history of travel or contact with a confirmed case,” it said.
Stating that stigma around COVID-19 stops people from disclosing symptoms to a point where they become critical and lose hope, the State Health Department urged the community to help people in getting tested, support COVID affected families and provide maximum support to contact tracing teams to avoid community transmission.
“This is a common fight against one enemy,” it reiterated.
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Nagaland COVID-19 tally jumps to 9455
DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 7: Nagaland on Saturday reported 128 new cases of COVID-19 taking the State’s tally to 9455. But with 8249 recoveries and 39 deaths, the number of active cases in the State is 1071.

Of the 128 new cases, 61 were detected in Dimapur, 54 in Mon, 11 in Kohima and 2 in Peren.
As per the severity of symptoms 1,012 active cases are asymptomatic, 34 active cases are mild, 11 active cases are moderate on oxygen, 8 active cases are severe on oxygen, 2 active cases are critical without oxygen and 4 active cases are on ventilator.
Further, out of 9455 positive cases, the distribution across various categories of people is: Armed Forces/Police – 4074, Traced Contacts – 3245, Returnees – 1675 and Frontline Workers – 461.
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