Monday, March 1, 2021
Page Mail

Coverage on Dimapur Rly Station laudable

Dear Madam,
The coverage by Nagaland Page on the Dimapur Railway Station Security coverage is indeed laudable and we as public have come to know that our lives are at stake within the perimeters of the railway station. It is astonishingly surprising to note that the railway station is the second revenue earner after Guwahati station but in terms of security and other basic requirements and modernization, it is lagging behind and what can be the reasons only the railway authorities will be able to know.
Madam your paper’s coverage was bold and daring enough and had exposed the mismanagement and the poor security arrangements of the station. It is believed that the authorities will take serious note of such discrepancies and resolve it at the earliest for the security of more than 5000 passengers who commutes through this railway station.
Reshma Shaikh, Dimapur