Monday, September 27, 2021
Creative Writings

Courage – a challenge to accept

I’m still in shock
For the first time in life, I feel blind.
Because, someone told me that ‘courage’ would find me in the most unexpected places.
So I waited, waited for you to come.
Then I assumed there must have been a little traffic so I wanted a little longer but impatient as I am, I got tired of waiting
And I went out to look for you.
I looked for you in the most common of places with no avail
The first place I checked was under the bed.
All stories tell us that there are monsters under the bed so I hoped to find courage there
Then I looked for you at school, but apparently you don’t go-there
So I looked for you in the park, hoping to find you openly, but I didn’t see you there
Then I desperately searched every good opportunity I get, hoping to find you there,
But you must not really like occasions at all.
Then I thought about absconding from friends but that didn’t help.
I stopped by the start-ups, trying to keep myself busy- but no
So I sat in an arcade unaccompanied, hoping to catch courage as I strolled in
Then I left, because apparently arcades have to close at night
I looked for you in my favourite place- my thinking space
But it was too dark to see, so I couldn’t find you
Desperate, I checked the cemetery, wondering if your name had been etched unto stone. But I didn’t find you there.
Alas! Before I finally stop looking.
I realised courage is nowhere to be found.

Courage is born within, to take it on the chin and learn to begin.

Nobulu Bide Chuzho