Monday, March 8, 2021

Counseling helpline numbers for Tuensang quarantine centres

Dimapur, May 20: The Tuensang District Task Force (DTF) on COVID-19 has issued the following counselling helpline numbers for quarantine centres: Psychiatrist from District Hospital Tuensang, Dr. Senilo (7005423078), Pastor TTBL, Rev. H. Sangkup (9856522201), Pastor, Tenyimi Baptist Church, Sentilo (9366605891), Pastor, Ao Baptist Church, Moa (9862184446), Associate Pastor Women, TTBL, Rev. Achi Chang (8787707669), Associate Pastor women, RBC 3rd NAP Saksi, Chongkoi (7005847192), Associate Pastor Women, PBC 3rd NAP Saksi, Ms. Toching (8131856262), Chaplain District Hospital Tuensang, Ms. Avini (9612405224) and Counsellor, OSC Tuensang, Tongnyu Khiam (9612451245.
(Page News Service)