Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Corruption in Nagaland

Dear Madam,
Nagaland is a State in India plagued by corruption, affecting all citizens regardless of ethnicity. Although many people blame the Nagas for this problem, it’s essential to recognize that both groups are impacted by corruption. A recent incident involving a senior All India Service Officer is a prime example of this issue. He likely acted alone with the knowledge of his superiors, peers, colleagues and juniors. This occurrence is a severe indictment against the entire Government of Nagaland, especially since the officer was caught by an external agency instead of the Nagaland Police or Crime Branch. Therefore, it is imperative that the Government investigates this issue and takes steps to prevent further embarrassment and implications.
As Central agencies continue investigating corrupt practices, it becomes increasingly clear that our Government and society will be under greater scrutiny. Some may welcome this, while others may oppose it. However, it’s crucial to recognize that a culture of widespread corruption is detrimental to society. Therefore, we must make a concerted effort to eradicate corruption from our Government and society, fostering an environment where citizens can flourish with integrity and honesty.
We must establish a just society with the rule of law for all, not just a few.
Besesayo Kezo, IPS Retd. DGP