Corrupt society

We know that the involvement of corruption among employees is almost in every department of the government. However it is not only the employees but almost the whole of our society that is steeped in the disease of corruption. The problem of corruption is not confined to one sector in our state but it has spread everywhere and awfully has become a dominant aspect of our social, political, and economic life and amazingly, we boast of pursuing a noble aspiration of emancipating ourselves from a system which we believe has uprooted us morally and socially. We seem to have forgotten that we need to asses our deeds at our personal level before blaming others for aggressing us culturally and emotionally. Corruption is found everywhere in our state; it is in education, administration, police, government and private services, trade and commerce. Usually corruption is linked with the government employees and offices but in fact it is linked to every field of our life. Bribe is not the only form of corruption. Yes, if an employee goes to his office late deliberately, it is corruption. If a teacher goes to school or college regularly but does not teach his students the way he should, it is corruption. If an officer does not take bribes or money but delays the disposal of files and bows to please somebody in the higher echelons, it is corruption. If a private passenger bus does not abide by the traffic rules and regularly goes for over loading it is corruption. And also, if a police officer arrests somebody who has no access and frees the other who is important and connected, it is corruption. Nowadays in our state, there is no department of life which is not affected or sullied by corruption. The more one studies the condition of life around; more instances of corruption are witnessed. There are examples of people who are honest and firm on their principles but unfortunately there are less people here to appreciate them. In our society, corruption is rampant in politics, trade and in other social areas of life. We are the people who promote immoral activities in the society in the guise of cultural programme. It is known to everybody that the National Highway has been a source of worry for our people due to landslides and other climatic disturbances during monsoon. Essential supplies remain stopped and people die every year in road accidents. The discontinuation of essential commodities like gas, vegetable, rice and other eatables creates a war like situation and the simple and poor people find themselves helpless and in a perilous situation. The people belonging to different sections of the society should normally help each other in times of such crises but there is reverse of such sense of values and ethics and since there is shortage of items, the dishonest traders, shopkeepers and other business classes increase the rates and are bent upon looting the suffering masses. Unfortunately we have deceitfully cultivated the notion that only money can make us happy. It is true that we cannot live without bread but it is regrettable that we have learnt to live for bread alone today which is induced by avarice, cupidity and materialistic values. This tendency has brought moral decadence and mental corruption in the life of our people and consequently we have lost love for others and have no sympathy with relatives, neighbors and fellow citizens. If we wish to live like pure human beings, we will have to rebuild in ourselves the moral sense and outlook which would be the specialty of our culture. The problem of moral degeneration and corruption is obnoxious and abhorrent and warrants immediate and thorough remedies, but all efforts will be useless until and unless we as a whole become conscious of our responsibilities and duties and do not dupe our own people. Indeed there is an urgent need to develop in ourselves personal moral values and set high standards of conduct and behaviour and judge ourselves accordingly.