Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Page Mail

Converting drains into footpaths not a good step

Dear Madam,
While construction of drainage in the town is a good step to let water flow, but converting it to footpath with cemented slabs on it does not sound good. Once the drainage is converted into footpath, there is no option left to clean the clogged drains, except to break the footpath, which is waste of money. The drains on the sides of Nyamo Lotha Road has been converted into footpath, which looks beautiful, but one can also see the overflowing drain water on the roads, near Deluxe Point due to clogged drains. Now to clear the drains, the authorities would have to break the footpath, remove the slabs and clean the drains. This is wastage of money, Isn’t it?
Johnson, Dimapur