Continued Deferment Of Ad-hoc Teachers Service Regularisation


We all read and quote the famous saying “Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities,” by Dr Abdul Kalam, but a teacher alone cannot be the backbone. Teachers do need the support, encouragement and their basic facilities taken care of by the Govt. The Government is equally important in being the pillar of the country and the State.
Which is why we, the Ad-hoc Teachers from the Dimapur Unit 2015 share our plight with everyone. We have been in the teaching service for eight (8) plus years with the nomenclature, ‘Ad-hoc Teacher’ under the Government of Nagaland Directorate of School Education with a fixed pay of Rs 6700/-for Primary Teachers and Rs. 8400/- for Graduate Teachers to this day.
There were certain criteria laid before us by the Government of Nagaland in order for our service to be regularized which we have completed viz, D.E.T, D.EL.ED, B.ED. In the month of 20th May 2017, we have also taken the Suitability Test (ST) and still awaiting the Government Order for service regularization which is after every 3 years.
It has become very difficult and even stressful and depressing for us to manage our families and day today life especially with the implementation of GST and the cost of high living standards. The teachers with the insufficient salary sometimes had to take loans with interest in order to sustain our family which becomes a huge burden later in paying the loans with such meagre amount, but what choice do we have? Even after the implementation of the 7th ROP the Ad-hoc teacher’s plight have gone unheard. The fixed pay is still continuing, depriving us of all the benefits.
To add to our misery there has been certain form of injustices meted out to the Ad-hoc Teacher 2015 Unit where the 2018 new Ad-hoc Teacher appointees are been given the scale pay while there has been no intervention from the Government side at all for us. We, the grievous Ad-hoc teachers have appealed to the Government of Nagaland numerous times and also put up the matter for the service regularization in the cabinet agenda in the year 2017 but so far there has been no positive responses and instead the Government chose to defer the matter without any concrete reason.
However we have learned that the reason for the deferment of our matter by the Government was due to the case filed by PSAN and ACAUT, but to make things clear and transparent our case does not fall under PSAN and ACAUT’s purview. So, why we are being victimized by the Government of Nagaland?
We are expected to be the best, selfless, and be a good role model in our service but for how long and at what cost? There is a limit to everything. There is a growing frustration and unrest among the group members but nevertheless in spite of the way the Government of Nagaland is silent with regards to our issue and no matter how much hurt, discriminated, sidelined and negligence we feel yet we vow as professionals and committed to our work ethics that we will continue giving our best for the welfare of the students, the school and the District.
It is high time that the Government intervenes and gives us a concrete solution. We want justice! We have been silently patient for all these years but now we will exercise our fundamental rights if we may in the form of protest or agitation against the Government. It is indeed unfortunate that our service regularization is being denied by our very own elected representatives. We, therefore appeal to the Government of Nagaland to look into our matter with top priority by fulfilling your terms and conditions and to expedite our service regularization. We demand equal pay for equal work.
Mr. Surhota Yhobu                               Mr. Kughalu Swu
President                                                  General Secretary
Adhoc Teachers                                     Adhoc Teachers