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The Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation(NVCO) has been receiving various complaint related to consumer’s rights exploitation including the various courier services where the letters or parcel which has been paid for home delivery never performed in that manner but having the behaviour of calling over phone with a request to come and collect it at the their counter. Recently the NVCO received a complaint letter from a retired bureaucrat that courier service counter refused to bring it to his residence where he has already paid for home delivery and another complaint over the phone from a top ranking retired judge stating that despite of knowing his status the courier counter in Dimapur refused to deliver to his home with a reason that they do not have man power. The NVCO condemned the action of the people who were running courier services in any name/form for not delivering the stuff/letters/parcel to the consumer’s home which has been paid already and may this condemnation be considered as a strong warning to the service providers.
Receiving verbal complaint from several consumers on shortage of weightments at the butcher shop situated at Lower Chandmari junction/taxi stand, Kohima, the President of NVCO Kezhokhoto Savi personally went to visit the said butcher shop early morning on 5th Sept, 2018 and detected that an extra meat/bones were kept at one corner of the plate where meat is kept for measurement and the balance is kept in such a manner where buyers could not see and at this instance NVCO President asked the non-local man who alone could expertly manage the entire work to empty the plate and others to make sure that balance is accurate and all of a sudden the non-local guy was pulling down the entire set of balance inside to which the President asked him not to do so. The non-local man proudly pulled down the entire set of balance which compelled the President to go inside and asked him to remove the extra portion keeping in a plate used for measurement and also found the meat which could not be sold on the previous day to which the butcher would mixed with the fresh meat for sale. The said butcher shop does not have license. The NVCO condemned the action of the butchers for their misbehaviours and unethical business technique.
The NVCO has also received a complaint that a Notice Inviting Tender(NIT) was invited by the Director of Postal Services, Nagaland Division, Kohima for hiring office premises building on lease/rent and to which several of them had participated and the complainant’s building was selected but thereafter no communication was made despite the lapse of considerable time. The complainant wrote several letters to the Postal department to which the Director of Postal, Nagaland Division, Kohima vide letter dated 02.05.2017 wrote to the complainant expressing his regret for the inability to finalize the shifting of office to the complainant’s building despite the lapse of 10(ten) months and thereafter no communication on the part of Postal department despite of repeated letters by the complainant and went to the extent of proposing to issue a fresh tender(NIT). And since then the complainant was make to keep her building unoccupied incurring huge financial loss on the rent she could have collected if only her building had been rented out to others. Considering the above mentioned complaint against the Postal department, it is found out that the Postal Department as central department has been taking the local citizen for a ride which also amounts to violation of consumer rights as per the provision of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. It is also learnt that the present standing office building of Postal, Kohima is not fit for standing and it must be dismantled at the earliest. The said Postal Office, Kohima building creates huge danger to offices nearby as it can be collapsed anytime as per the findings of the expert.
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