Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Consultation on Reproductive Health & other rights of children underway

Dimapur, November 28: A two day programme on, “State Consultation on Reproductive Health & other Rights of Children, Adolescent & Women” organized by Human Rights Law Network in collaboration with CAN YOUTH began today at Hotel Tourist Lodge, Dimapur which was attended by members of various civil societies, youths and large number of advocates.
Speaking on the occasion as the resource person, advisor, Naga Mothers Association (NMA), Prof. Dr. Rosemary Dzuvichu said that in Nagaland on filing any PIL, people take it personally where the petitioners are harassed in many ways and ultimatums are passed on the petitioners to withdraw the PIL.
“Victims are further victimized”, she opined and said that despite hardships none of the petitioners had withdrawn the PIL.
“Often it is challenging for many to fight for social justice, she said and added that litigations are not for public discussions.
Pointing out the anomalies and discrepancies in many sectors, she said in far flung districts, the Primary Health Centre (PHC) drastically sufferers from man power shortages and often it is found that there are no doctors available and gynecologists are hardly visible which causes huge hardships to the villagers and depriving people of their basic rights amounts to human rights violation too.
She said in Kohima, certain hospitals serve inadequate feedings to the new born babies and advised that the feedings for both should be in equal proportion. It is not that the baby boy needs more and the baby girls need less, these sorts of discrimination shouldn’t exist, she added.
She said that the Anganwadi centres are often found to be locked up and instead of serving the community the Anganwaid centre is made a store house to store belongings of the influential in the village areas.
CHILDLINE Dimapur, Team Member Rangdouliu presented the achievements and challenges faced by it while fighting against child abuses, child molestation and physical torture meted out to maid servants who are often found to be of 6 to 8 years old working day and night and treated in the most horrific manner which are often indescribable.
She said, “Childline is trying to reach out to everyone in need of help, our resources are limited but we are not failing to rescue and protect children being ill treated by educated Nagas in the state”.
Rangdoulie stated that even law makers and advocates needs to learn more about the law when it concerns children.
She gave the figures of child rights violation case which was 124 in 2011- 2012 and in 2018-19, 310 cases were reported till so far but lamented that justice were never delivered till now to the victims, the offenders gets bailed out the next day and in such circumstances it is difficult to protect the rights of children who are being physically and verbally abused by the perpetrators who happens to be educated and many of them are influential.
She said with the intervention of Childline Dimapur many physical abuses have been largely reported, many maid servants who majority of them are below 12 years old were tortured and brutalized even their foot and finger nails were pierced out by our educated Nagas who have the tendency of keeping maid servants at home but torturing them as savages on flimsy grounds and such is pathetic.
Rangdoulie said many children’s feet and legs were burnt with fire and hot boiling water was splashed on their bodies, battered with sticks and iron rods, etc by many educated Nagas.
She said such attitudes are barbaric if we take into accounts all those happenings which were reported and likewise there are many hundreds and hundreds of unreported cases which are happening daily in some part of the states.
“The barbarism is unending and seems to have no stoppage”, she said and urged all to unite to stop such barbarism and added that with conscious minds and united efforts it is believed that the mindsets of many educated Nagas will definitely change.
On challenges faced by the child protections system, Rangdoulie said that the system is not in place and there is a poor implementation of services by the implementing agencies.
She stated further that the societies as well as the stake holders are insensitive and the ignorance and violation of rights pervades every now and then.
She pointed out that customary Laws and Tribalism is one of the contributing factors for the growth of such abuses on a child, the ego of tribalism and the false sense of pride and honour at stake as claimed by the village councils/ tribal leaders are detrimental in protecting the rights of the child.
She said goondaism by cadres of factional groups to silence any reported cases of child abuses causes inconveniences to social activists while protecting the rights of the child.
Founder and chief functionary, CAN YOUTH, Jenpu Rongmei, programme officer Aishwarya and many other distinguished penalists spoke on the occasion. (Page News Service)