Friday, September 29, 2023
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Construction work comes to halt in Dimapur with total lockdown

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Dimapur, July 25: With total lockdown coming into force from Sunday here, all Government and private constructions of buildings and drainages have come to an abrupt halt in many places of Dimapur.
The earlier relaxations from 9 am till 2 pm opened the opportunity to manual labourers for earn a living after undergoing untold hardships when the nationwide lockdown was imposed in the month of March.
The unorganized manual labourers deprived of earning underwent abject poverty and many passed off days with handful of rice for survival but with the relaxation of the lockdown and resumptions of the construction sectors, the unorganized manual labourers soon regained their basic earnings.
But with lockdown coming into force from Sunday, the daily wage labourers from varied sectors will have to endure their second phase of hardships with no work to make a livelihood. Many ongoing Government and private constructions have also come to an abrupt halt.
Talking to Nagaland Page on the construction of a drainage under PWD executed by Howoto Jakhalu led M/s Multi Builders, GB Middle Point Colony, Hukato Aye said, “After 22 years the colony will be having a well furnished drainage constructed by Multi Builders under the PWD. Earlier we didn’t have proper drainages in our colony and at the slightest rainfall some of the area gets flooded. We are indeed grateful”.
On inspection of the drainage construction he said, “from day one we daily inspected the progress of the work and necessary steps have been taken for its durability and my priority was to see to it that it lasts for more than 25 to 30 years” and added we are thankful to the firm and the PWD for initiating the construction of the drainage in the Middle Point area during the relaxation phases and with the lockdown from today the work has to be kept on hold.
On completion of the drainage work, Hukato Aye said, “The remaining works will be completed soon after situation normalises. At present we all have to abide by the lockdown and maintain extreme precautions”. (Page News Service)