Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Constitute SSB at the earliest: PSAN


Dimapur, October 31: The PSAN has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to constitute Staff Selection Board (SSB) at the earliest so as to secure a better future for young, educated Nagas.
In a press release, PSAN media cell reasoned that with thousands of aspirants applying for clerical jobs in various departments every year, it has become an urgent necessity to set up SSB at the earliest.
“Departmental exams are never free from suspicion of unfair practices. Hence, SSB should be constituted in the state for recruitment to all the Grade III posts that do not come under the purview of NPSC in order to pave the way for a free, fair and open recruitment and to promote the spirit of meritocracy among the youth of Nagaland,” it said.
Reminding that SSB has been a long standing demand of the PSAN and it is also one of the much-awaited changes that the youth of Nagaland long for, the release mentioned that it has, since 2016, submitted numerous representations to the Government on the urgent need for SSB but to no avail.
Successive governments have promised to look into the matter but there seems to be a general lack of political will to make SSB a reality, it rued.
Also reminding the lawmakers that their primary responsibility is to formulate policies for the growth and development of the citizens, and not to hand out backdoor appointment orders, the PSAN said unemployment is one of the biggest problems in Nagaland, and it is further aggravated by the practice of backdoor appointment. “It has become a cancer in our society which can only be cured with SSB,” it stated, while appealing to the Chief Minister and his colleagues to constitute SSB at the earliest. (Page News Service)