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Consensus must be built before final solution: Wangtin

Wangtin Naga speech

Dimapur, August 14: President of NSCN (Reformation), Wangtin Naga today said that both India and Naga people realized the futility of arms confrontation and engaged in political dialogue for resolution of Asia’s longest political problem and today there is a ray of hope for both India and Nagaland, expecting acceptable solution sooner than later.
On the occasion of 74th Naga Independence Day, Wangtin said the two Naga political groups, NSCN (IM) and NNPGs must realise the past mistakes and come forward to hammer out any form of differences before signing final documents with Government of India to avoid possible future blame game.
Stating that the NNPGs though conglomeration of seven different organizations are one in all fronts, Wangtin said all Nagas are one in political issue, therefore a consensus opinion must be built before going for final battle as it would be once and for all.
The NSCN (R) president further said that at this moment, the Naga people are fortunate to have a strong and decisive person, Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India, who found a clever and trustworthy person, R N Ravi as interlocutor cum Governor of Nagaland, who is dealing with Naga issue minutely.
The seriousness of Narendra Modi indicates earlier solution, he added.
On the occasion, Wangtin also saluted all those who sacrificed their lives for Naga nation and the Naga freedom fighters and general public for their tireless efforts and support for the sustenance and survival of nationhood in the face of immeasurable hardships and challenges from the adversaries who atemptd to demean the sovereign rights of the Nagas.
“We must be proud of our history and who we are because we are not lost people whose sovereign right is recognized internationally,” he said. (Page News Service)