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Congress confident of forming next govt. in Centre with people’s support

Congress press conference

KOHIMA, MARCH 23: Congress Spokesperson Mathew Antony today expressed confidence that the grand-old party would fight the Lok Sabha elections with people’s support and form the next government despite the BJP resorting to freeze Party’s bank accounts by engineering largest scam of electoral bonds.
Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan here, AICC National Spokesperson and Media coordinator of North East, Mathew Antony said “there is no denial that it is a very tough time for the Congress party but we have people from across the country supporting us”.
Despite the situation, Congress, a 139-year-old party, which had fought for the freedom of this country with the power of the people, still believes in the power of the people and we are very confident that the people of India will support the Party, he said.
Antony affirmed that the Congress is ready to take as much sacrifice needed and will do what it counts to fight the elections for the people of this country.
“This is not an election which we are fighting for the Congress party, but let’s be clear that whatever we are raising against Prime Minister Modi and BJP’s dictatorship regime, it is for the people of the country and each State.
And we are confident that our resources crunches will not stop us from fighting because we will fight in true spirit with people’s support sacrificing all and win the elections”, he said.
The Congress spokesperson also alleged the BJP of fooling the people of doing away with black money scam through the electoral bonds, which is the largest engineered scam of the saffron party.
The BJP Government has frozen the bank accounts of the Congress on charges of not paying tax, but which national political party in the country pays tax, he said while pointing that it is the BJP which has received over Rs 9000 crore in electoral bonds.
So where is the ED, CBI, fraud investigation officers and money laundering clauses to check the BJP, he wondered.
It is the BJP which has rooted black money into the system in the pretext of doing away with the black money, he said.
Over the years, the BJP has given unforgettable things to the people as they have taken money from pharmaceutical companies – which produce adulterated cough syrups, Blood Sugar tablets and also the COVID vaccine, he said.
“BJP got rich by playing with the health of people and children and this is the kind of corruption which BJP has done”, he said.
He also pointed out that the Narendra Modi-led BJP Government has given contracts worth Rs 4 lakh crore to companies which donated electoral bonds whereas donations for Congress have come through genuine donors while BJP got through black money and contractors.
The BJP is trying to suppress democracy by oppressing the campaign works of the Congress Party by freezing the bank accounts, he said.
“Why are the BJP and Modi behaving like Putin to suppress the opposition and to have a one-sided election by taking out all our resources”, he questioned.
BJP’s actions are due to desperation and fear as Congress is expected to form the next Government with INDI Alliance, he said.
When they are freezing the accounts of a strong political party and arresting the Chief Ministers of non-BJP States where will the common people be, he said, while calling upon the people to make conscious decision on whether they want a government which oppresses people and takes away their rights and continue to live in fear or want to live in their freedom given by the Constitution, which will be upheld by the Congress party.
The Congress promised that right after swearing in, the INDI Alliance government would take up issues of women insecurity, unemployment and price rise which are at the highest rate under the BJP Government.
“We will address the concerns of the people and also guarantee MSP to the farmers as well as 30 lakh employments immediately after forming the government and also bring about various youth and women welfare schemes”, he said.
The Congress has always delivered its promises unlike the BJP which does not care about the people, he assured.
NPCC president and INC candidate for the State’s only seat, S Supongmeren Jamir said the Party will have to fight with 60 elected MLAs but now the people are aware that those mandated MLAs are not delivering goods to the people.
The BJP Government is playing against the minority community, which is totally affecting the Christian community, he said.
“Our voters have to be wiser and we are hopeful that people will vote for the Congress”, he said.
Jamir also asserted that given the chance to represent the State in the Parliament, he would also take up the issue of rolling back the New Pension Scheme to Old Pension Scheme as it has affected over 33,000 pensioners in the State.
Antony supplemented him saying that there is a cold response from the people, especially from the younger generation, that they are tired of this Government doing nothing and it is corrupted as problems of water, electricity and health continue.
“People have lost hope in this Government”, he said.
NPCC communication department chairman Yanger Longkumner said that the BJP is a scared party to face the Congress in the election because of which it has frozen the bank account of the Congress.
BJP says something and does something else, he said, adding that they are talking of winning 400 MPs but they have frozen the accounts of the Congress, so is it a fair competition.
NPCC working president Khriedi Theünuo and vice president G K Zhimomi were also present during the press conference.
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