Friday, September 24, 2021
Page Mail

Congrats PM Narendra Modi

Dear Madam,
The Narendra Modi led BJP did made an astounding victory which is far better than the 2014 result. It is the victory of Narendra Modi led BJP everywhere which emerged victorious and the Congress led UPA had been cornered in every state. It was a colossal defeat of the Congress Party. I extend my heartiest congratulation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his second stint as the Prime Minister of this great Nation and it is believed that our Pm a seasoned leader of the Nation will take all along on his great mission to develop the Nation as whole.
We believe society should be more conscious by now and every effort be made to give peace a chance and brotherhood amongst all the Indian communities should prevail. Peace and brotherhood is a requisite for a developed India.
Reshma Shaikh, Bangalore