Saturday, April 17, 2021

Cong to contest LS election in Nagaland

Dimapur, January 8: The Congress party in Nagaland has announced its decision to contest the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019.
President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), K Therie said the party has decided to file candidate in the Lok Sabha election 2019 to express that the people of Nagaland stand for freedom of religion. “We cannot compromise inherent freedom of religion, culture and social practices,” he said.
The party said it is also contesting the election to endeavour to solve the political problem through peaceful and constitutional means.
Therie stated that Hindutva is the root cause of the noble political movement of Nagas, for which, he said, Jawaharlal Nehru provided Art.371(A) safeguarding the religion, culture and social practices of Nagaland.
Appreciating the difficulties and realities of negotiation, the NPCC however said it finds 21 years of negotiation without solution is unreasonable. “Though regional parties were given enough opportunities in the last fifteen years, they were hardly given one or two minutes to speak in Parliament and have failed to garner support being single amongst 544 MPs,” he said.
Stating that the Naga political issue needs the platform of a big political party in parliament, Therie alleged that although BJP has big numbers in the present parliament, it has miserably failed to address the issue.
“The Framework Agreement was signed on 3rd August 2015 and PM Modi announced at Dubai that the Naga Problem has been solved. However, negotiation has continued till date without solution. Today, they blame three neighbour states, which are BJP ruled states, for the delay in solution. From the beginning, Congress has never trusted the BJP to resolve the issue as BJP is guided by RSS, which propagates the idea of a Hindu nation through Hindutva. They have been openly advocating against any special provisions in the Constitution,” he said.
Expressing shock at the statement of RN Ravi wherein he challenged “die fighting or surrender, there will be no more talk with Northeast militants,” Therie said without solution, he has no moral right to threaten and provoke the Northeast. “One must understand there are armless faithful Indian citizens living in the Northeast wanting peaceful solutions.”
Calling upon the electorate to give a chance to Congress to participate in the Congress and UPA Parliamentary Committees and also in parliament, Therie guaranteed freedom of religion and assured to sort out the political issue. He appealed to all like-minded political parties and valuable voters for their support.
(Page News Service)