Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Cong reacts to BJP’s ‘Naga solution after LS election’ promise


‘Fooled once but will not allow twice’

Dimapur, February 20: Reacting to the assurance of BJP leader, who is also a member of BJP election manifesto team, for “Naga solution after Lok Sabha election’, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today said that the BJP has fooled the Nagas once with “election for solution” promise and therefore will not be allowed to fool Nagas twice.
“Fooled once but will not allow twice,” said NPCC president K Therie in a statement.
During the last assembly election in 2018, when Naga people had stood for “solution before election”, BJP central leadership had managed to convince the Nagas with assurance of “election for solution”. The BJP went on to went record number of seats in the State assembly election, and is now a partner in the ruling PDA Government in the State.
“The assurance of ‘Naga Solution after Lok Sabha Election’ by Dr. Sanjay M. Ram Paswan, MLC and Member of BJP Election Manifesto team, confirms that there will be no solution before election,” said the NPCC.
Therie said Dr Sanjay is a senior leader of the BJP and he would have consulted top leaders of the BJP before coming to Nagaland. “Congress further does not believe RSS has any solution for regional problems for their goal is Uniform Civil Code and Hindutva,” he alleged.
Claiming that Congress has given solution in the past, the NPCC said, “We have taken a back seat as direct talks were ongoing. We appreciate the difficulties and realities of negotiations however, 21 years of negotiations without solution is unreasonable for people cannot continue to suffer.”
“Therefore once again, Congress has adopted a policy ‘to endeavour; solve the political problem through peaceful and constitutional means’. We mean it and given opportunity, we will do it. We believe the welfare of people is the final solution,” the NPCC added. (Page News Service)