Friday, February 26, 2021
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Cong is the only party standing for Nagas of Nagaland: NPCC

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Dimapur, September 19: With bye-election to assembly constituencies (14 A/C Southern Angami-I and 60 A/C Kiphire-Pungro) in the State likely in October/November this year, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has claimed that it is the only party standing for Nagas of Nagaland.
“NPCC is the only party standing for Nagas of Nagaland. All other parties consider Nagaland people as second class and purchasable people. We have succumbed to their threats and ill treatment in our own land. They think carrot and stick are required to deal with Nagaland people. They do not believe there is God in election,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
The NPCC was also unsure whether the bye-elections will be held or not with an impending political solution with September 2020. “We cannot predict whether by-election will really take place for the State Government may be dismissed to implement political solution under a neutral Government. All evidences displayed in recent times between State Government and the Governor are indications that all is not well,” he claimed.
Therie alleged that law and order has collapsed long time back since regional political parties adopted a policy to support and facilitate the peace process. “They have freed all factions to impose their governance over its citizens. There is no more law and order. The writ of the state is the last thing to respect. Multitudes were assassinated, killed, murdered and our women raped. Every Village Council, VDB, entrepreneurs and Govt. Depts. are subject to extortion. 24% of salary was even paid to self styled Government and the State Government has only directed Government Departments to compromise. Can anyone deny the truth?” he asked.
The NPCC also claimed that no candidates have raised issues such as Citizen Amendment Act, Hindutva, which are threats to our identity and religion. “They are not opposing petrol and diesel price hike. They are not opposing multi-taxation, they are not opposing corruption rather, they want to join the corrupt team and destroy the identity, religion and future,” he alleged.
Considering the above scenario and situation, the NPCC said if Nagaland voters forget that BJP has passed Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), it will be big a shock to the nation and specially Northeast friendly states. “Our action will only prove our people are really corrupt.”
Observing that almost all intending candidates are looking for ruling NDPP and BJP tickets “and they blame that people want ruling ticket”, Therie said Congress party rank and file will ask the voters if it is their true demand.
“Congress has candidates and Congress soldiers are ideologically prepared to be called for duty any time. However, we will assess the mood of the people and take decision at an appropriate time,” he added. (Page News Service)