Cong defends NPF decision to sever ties with BJP in Manipur

Cong defends NPF decision to sever ties with BJP in Manipur

Dimapur, May 19: It is slowly turning out to be a NDPP vs Congress fight over whether the NPF should withdraw support to the BJP in Manipur. After the NDPP questioned the NPF party’s integrity over its move to sever ties with the BJP in Manipur, the Congress party in Nagaland today came out in defence of the NPF.
The two concerned parties – the NPF and the BJP – have so far remained silent on the issue.
In a press release, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today said the NPF has taken the right decision to withdraw support to the BJP Government in Manipur.
“It will further the cause of secularism in the Northeast. We stand together in defending our faith and identity and in securing a realistic political solution,” said NPCC president K Therie.
The NPCC also stated that the NDPP, while pointing its forefinger at NPF accusing it of double standards, has conveniently forgotten that the “remaining three fingers of double standards” are pointing back at them.
“BJP and NDPP led Governments in Manipur and Nagaland respectively were both speaking against CAB in their respective states but are supporting the BJP Manifesto which declared to pass CAB if given opportunity again in the nation,” reminded Therie.
“For the last 17 years they have been assuring talks are in the right direction. They also have assured countless times of early political solution. When questioned in the State Assembly of the status of negotiations, the answer is they don’t know,” he claimed.
The NPCC said the purported letter to Rahul Gandhi, Congress president and filing defamation case thereafter is another double standard. “The shameless letter was exposed to media to confuse and perhaps some were victimized out of it. Delhi understands having relation with NDPP means corrupt money and not because of trust or integrity or conviction. We cannot allow ourselves to be thrown into dirty mud and I will never ever allow them to betray the Congress again,” he added. (Page News Service)