Friday, April 16, 2021
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Cong blames Govt negligence for landslide on NH-29


Dimapur, July 9: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has put the blame on the State Government for the landslide/sinking of road that has cut off the Dimapur-Kohima (NH-29) road since Sunday.
Besides the State Government, the NPCC also blamed the Chief Engineer, Border Road Organization (Jotsoma by pass to Kohima), General Manager, NHIDCL, Dimapur; M/s Ramky-ECI (JV) 124-140Km; M/s Ramky-ECI (JV) 140-156 km and M/s Gayatri Project Ltd 156-172km for the deteriorating road condition along NH-29.
“The importance of Dimapur-Kohima road NH-29 is known to all. This road is the lifeline for Nagaland as well as for Manipur. Perhaps several thousand vehicles carrying essential goods and passengers travel this road every day. Every minute, over 20 vehicles pass through on an average. The condition of this road is known to every citizen as everybody travels on this road including the Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
Stating that the condition of this road has deteriorated beyond tolerance, Therie said, “Dust blinds the road on sunny days and slushy mud blinds on rainy days. It has become hazardous not only to health but to the economy too. It is now two winters and summers that people are suffering from this devastated road. It is likely to take another several years at the present speed. We never know but works may be abandoned for one or the other reasons while a court injunction may be obtained as was the case with SARDP roads. Nagaland is identified as the second dirtiest State in the nation.”
The NPCC alleged that there is no sign of concern for the inconvenience and sufferings caused to the public from the authorities and contractors responsible. He admitted that there a four lane road is the requirement, but at the same time reasoned that a good serviceable road cannot be deprived altogether.
“The present sinking zone too is not new development. It is sheer negligence,” he alleged.
Highlighting that as the road approaches Kohima town, both the road sides are engaged with business activities including workshops, Therie said though NH-29 is a two lane road but today “we hardly have a single lane”. He urged the administration to control the encroachment of roads by unscrupulous individuals.
Therie also suggested that the Governor should intervene by calling a coordination meeting. (Page News Service)