Friday, April 16, 2021

Concerned Nagas hold prayer meeting

Dimapur, October 31: Concerned Nagas today held a prayer meeting at City Tower at 6 a.m. to remind the people to shun violence and embrace non-violence.
In the meeting, seeking God’s blessings and intervention, KhrielenoTerhuja addressed the gathering and prayed for peace in our land.
Terhuja in her sharing said, “It may seem, we are living in an age where we have no concern for one another. The society is going too fast. But we must be concerned, because we are living in a society which requires concern and regard for one another”.
From the gathering, individuals also came forward to speak. Awala Jamir witnessed before the gathering that she was standing there, “As a younger generation, trying to remember the past, healing the present and move to the future, but I cannot do it with all the hatred inside me. I stand here to start changing and begin with me. I do not know what to do with my hatred. I want God to come and deal with me as I cannot do it myself.”
Dr. Deben from Manipur and a professor based in Dimapur also came forward and said that he was standing in solidarity with the prayer meeting for the reason that he feels and sees that, “Naga people have suffered so much in the violent conflict, experienced over the decades altogether”. He also expressed that with the peace process coming to a close “there is a lot of fear for renewed violence across the community” and shared his concern about potential “replication of violence across the communities”. There is a need to join in prayer and work collectively for peace.
Later, Yanbemo Ovung, calling out for peace, challenged that, “When we talk about peace it is not only words but actions”. He read out from John 14: 27 and stated that, “Nagas think that peace will come from heaven but Jesus has already assured and left peace on this earth”. As a Christian dominated state, he further said, “Nagaland should be the most peaceful place in the world”, but he questioned, “Are we expressing so much bitterness and violence? Why are we not experiencing Christ’s peace in us? It is division, tribalism, nominalism in religion, jealousy, hatred and such feelings that aredestroying us.
“We need to seek God and become peace makers. We are a Nagafamily. We need to promote peace not only for today but for our children and generations to come in our land and for others to see”, he further continued.
The meeting concluded with a mass prayer for peace and for wisdom, love and forgiveness for each other. They expressed heartfelt thanks to the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur and Commissioner of Police for granting permission to use the space of City Tower.
(Page News Service)