Concern for Kohima Local Ground


If there is a multipurpose site that needs to be awarded for its services, it is our Local ground in Kohima, ie Khuochiezie. Come mela, ‘expos’, football, public gatherings, etcetera it is one place meeting all our needs mainly due to its easy access. If I am the ground, I am feeling proud for all the services rendered at the same time raising a hue and cry for a ‘maintenance’.
Lately, there has being football matches going on and I had the opportunity to witnessed some of the best local players in the field. But the sad side is, They are not like meticulous, clean cut CR7 but all drenched in muddy water. I feel pity for them to play in such a condition with all their hearts. I have captioned my live videos about them as ‘the players will plough and mix the mud. Later the cheerers will plant the paddy plants’, ‘while your ground is like paddy field, your dream is FIFA. Where dream never dies, hashtag #welcome to Kohima’.
As the final match of a cup was played recently, the rain poured down so hard. We could barely hear each other or even see the ground. But I didnt fail to see the whole lot of rainwater from the gallery tin roofs dripping down and stream-like water flowing into the very field. The d-box can even drowned someone of shorter stature!
This is not about the blame game we used to play on each other. But a concern is really felt here to ‘maintain’ it in season and out of season by whoever is to be seering of. Measures can be taken up if we want to see our star player in a better form and yes, I wouldn’t mind some great sanitation in and around the ground. And the public can be a better audience devoiding of shouting slangs and remarks in drunkard mode. With all these, we can have a world class football season to look forward to each season.
Kikruneinuo Liezietsu
Supporter of football clubs (Sechü ZFC and Khriekesa FC)

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