Thursday, June 17, 2021
Page Mail

Concept of secularism finds no mention in new NEP

Dear Madam,
When rabid religious line gets zealously pursued with Who’s Who of the polity religiously spewing vitriol against certain communities; when parochial divisive “philosophy” start dominating over a multi-religious heterogeneous country, dreaming of a time and society when/where a particular religious group and religion would call the shots by relegating all norms of cultural and religious heterogeneity to oblivion; the noble humanitarian inclusive idea of Secularism is bound to receive least respect possible!
So it hardly evokes any surprise when progressive concept of secularism finds no mention in the new National Education Policy’s statement of vision and purpose!
NEP also wants to develop among the students “a deep sense of respect towards the Fundamental Duties”! But what about Fundamental Rights :– Right to free speech, cultural and religious freedom, education, health and employment(rights)! Absolute silence!
NEP stresses on making “job creators” rather than “job seekers”! It seems seeking job opportunities have turned out to be a “crime” or “escapism” of sorts! Is a subtle message being imparted to the younger generation not to expect jobs; rather your mode of subsistence is “your headache” and the prospective young man or woman will be deemed a “failure” if he/she can’t earn sustenance after failing to create jobs for himself/herself and others by taking over the responsibility of employment generation from the authorities of the land!
So concentrate only on your duties towards the nation without demanding any rights or harboring any expectation by drawing inspiration from Gita’s(or Lord Krishna’s) clarion call of “NISHKAM KARMA”!
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.